Black Friday 2013: Women get into taser fight (Video)

By now you have probably seen some of the wild news and videos that have emerged from Black Friday. The evidence is clear that you have to be an insane human to go out with the masses just to save a few bucks and deal with those who are way too overeager for the sales.

Sure, Black Fridays are nice and could be a family tradition for some, but when you start to see people getting stabbed, shot and trampled it will allow you to have more of an appreciation for Cyber Monday — which is much safer.

In the latest video that has surfaced, two women get really angry at each other at Franklin Mills Mall in Northeast Philadelphia, when they go into a wild brawl and eventually a taser was brought out. In the video below, you can see the quick scrap before hearing the crackle and seeing sparks fly. It’s the latest reminder of how brave and/or crazy you need to be to go out on Black Friday.

Check out the video evidence below:


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