UCONN player catches tipped pass on unusual play (GIF)

Oct 26, 2013; Orlando, FL, USA; Connecticut Huskies wide receiver Brian Lemelle (84) has the ball go off his fingertips in the fourth quarter as the UCF Knights beat the Connecticut Huskies 62-17 at Bright House Networks Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The UCONN Huskies are taking on the Rutgers Scarlet Knights in a game that has gone largely unnoticed because of their records. That doesn’t mean there isn’t the potential for an exciting game or play. Take this one below for example.

UCONN wide receiver Brian Lemelle is running on a route across the middle of the field when his number gets called and the ball comes his way. The ball then gets tipped, it is had to tell by who though. It looks like it was the cornerback but it could’ve bounced off Lemelle’s hands.

The ball bounces in the air and a Rutgers defender leaps to try and snatch it but can’t. The ball comes back down and right into the hands of Lemelle.

In some way it is kind of like the tipped pass we saw Auburn pull in against Georgia.

[h/t] Zombie Prophet


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