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Shea Weber injury update: Nashville Predators defender won't play tonight

Shea Weber injury update

While it’s not the most surprising news, any time that Shea Weber misses time for the Nashville Predators, it’s noteworthy. The 13-11-2 Preds are already without All-World goalie Pekka Rinne, and now they’ll be forced to forge ahead without an All-World defender in Weber.

He was hit in the eye with a puck during Thursday’s contest against the Edmonton Oilers and has not skated since.

Here’s a look at the play that will force Weber to miss at least once contest.

If Weber wasn’t made of concrete then he probably would have spent more than three seconds down on the ice following that impact. As it stands, he’s the only defenseman in the NHL that leads his team in points, and he’s obviously the backbone in Nashville on a nightly basis.

Not having him in the lineup tonight will be a true test of the mettle of this squad. They’re banged up all over and are missing key players at every position, so the need for someone to step up is paramount. While the Philadelphia Flyers aren’t the most outstanding team in the league at this juncture, they’ve been playing a much better brand of puck here lately and will be a tough test for Nashville.

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