Nov 23, 2013; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; Texas A

Texas A&M Aggies fly on 'carmouflage' plane to Mizzou game

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So I don’t know if Texas A&M had a plane wrapped in this zebra pattern they’re calling “carmouflauge” or if it is just a really awesome photoshop job, but still it is curious. Last week the Aggies unveiled a “dark onyx” uniform and they’ve been hinting at this zubaz inspired pattern all week and it might be hinting at a zubaz themed uniform.

Don’t forget, adidas sponsors the Aggies and they did the Zubaz themed basketball uniforms. Someone suggested that the zebra pattern could be a reference to going and playing at Mizzouri, or “the Zou.” I see that point, but if you’re going to visit Tigers, why do you dress up as zebras? Usually that is a one-sided affair

So after showing helicopters, water towers and a statue in the zubaz pattern, the Aggies tweeted out a picture of the team getting on zubaz wrapped planed, and here are the pictures below.


They’ve been teasing this zebra like pattern all week.

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