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25,921 stuffed bears hit the ice during Calgary Hitmen toss game (Video)

The Calgary Hitmen have long been renowned for their ability to convince fans to bring thousands and thousands of teddy bears to toss on the ice during their annual Teddy Bear Toss game. That went down this evening, and Alberta did itself proud with a rather remarkable showing.

Every single bear that is tossed out onto the ice is donated to charity. This count of 25, 921 means that there will be a lot of happy children running around with a donated stuffed animal this holiday season. And in case you were curious about what nearly 26,000 stuffed animals look like when they’re all in once place…

And lastly, a video of the goal and the flying bears.

For the second consecutive season, Pavel Padakin scored the goal that triggered the bear-tossing frenzy. More than 17,000 people took part in the game this season, and more than 50 charities reportedly getting in on the action in some way, shape of form.

Feel free to bookmark this page for the next time you’re having a bad day, 26,000 flying stuffed animals tends to bring a smile to even the grumpiest face.

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