David Morrissey as The Governor in Season 4 Episode 7 of 'The Walking Dead' entitled 'Dead Weight.' Photo Credit: AMC

'The Walking Dead' Season 4: Who died in mid-season finale?

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If nothing else, one can say that tonight’s midseason finale of The Walking Dead saw its fair share of blood and violence. Many of our fan favorites made it out unscathed, some not so much. Some of them, some on both sides, paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of what they believed was necessary. This has left us all here to wonder what we will ever do without them.

Now, before you read any further…have you watched this week’s midseason finale of The Walking Dead entitled “Too Far Gone” yet? Because if you have not you will probably be really, really angry if you continue reading. If you answered no to the above question, and still intend to do so, hit your back button now, back away from the keyboard, and go watch the episode right now! It was amazing.

Now, if you answered yes, and are over the initial traumatic shock of what you have just seen, come join us as we work out our emotions as one great, big zombie apocalypse family.

So…let’s get right to it. Who didn’t make it to the end of tonight’s midseason finale of The Walking Dead?

  • Meghan – Killed By a Walker
  • Hershel – Beheaded by the Governor
  • Mitch – Killed by Daryl
  • Alisha – Killed by Lizzie
  • The Governor – Killed by Lilly

No one ever likes seeing one of the children in the series get harmed, which made Meghan’s death all that much harder. However, it was a key point in the storyline that sent the Governor over the edge tonight and all but solidified his murderous rampage.

I don’t think I have stopped screaming at my television at the demise of Hershel. While some have said that “He was old, he lived his life,” I disagree. Beyond being the father to two daughters, he was an instrumental person in the prison’s survival. This begs us to ask how something like this will affect his daughters, namely Maggie. Maggie has been through so much lately; between trying to find her place in the prison structure, dealing with Glen being sick, and now watching her father be killed right in front of her eyes.

Oh, Mitch…that just had to be done. This is one of those classic “me or you” situations, and obviously, Daryl isn’t going to volunteer to die, so…

The death of Alisha is another interesting move that no one expected. While I am glad that Lizzie, her sister Mika, and the other children are learning to take care of themselves, I can’t help but wonder how this is going to affect Tara. First, her father passed on, now she has lost both her niece and her girlfriend. This cannot possibly have a positive effect on someone who was in such a fragile state when everything hit the fan.

That brings us to The Governor. This is one of those things that we knew was coming at some point; one of those things that just had to happen. As they discussed in Talking Dead, I am happy that more than one of the people who owed The Governor his due got a small piece of him. Rick, Michonne, and eventually Lilly all had a small part in The Governor’s demise. It couldn’t possibly happen to a nicer guy. I only hope you can sense the sarcasm in those words.

Now starts the long and arduous wait until the next season begins. While we wait, you can always head to AMC.com or Netflix to get your fill of The Walking Dead while we wait for the all-new episodes to start up once again.

AMC’s The Walking Dead will return on Sunday, February 9th at 9:00 p.m.

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