Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in Season 4 of 'The Walking Dead' Photo Credit: AMC

Walking Dead season 4 return date: When does show come back?

On Sunday night, fans of The Walking Dead watched the mid-season finale take place. Unfortunately, what that means is that we will have to wait quite some time until we are able to enjoy a brand new episode of season four.

If you are wondering when the show is set to return, there is still no exact date scheduled for the show’s return.

Producers and directors are still finalizing the editing of the second half of the season, which recently wrapped filming. What we do know, however, is that there will not be a new episode until 2014 and the current timetable is in February.

The first weekend in February is Super Bowl Sunday, so we doubt AMC would try to compete with the biggest sporting event in the country, so that would leave February 9, February 16 and February 23 to choose from.

The show’s return episode, which currently does not have a name, will be written by series creator Robert Kirkman. We can certainly expect that the show will be coming back in a big way — at least we hope that will be the case to continue what has been one of the most well-received seasons in the series’ history.

While we wait for the show to return to our television sets, you can catch the previous episodes on Netflix and to fill your needs for The Walking Dead.

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