Paul Walker as Brian O'Connor in 'Fast & Furious 6' Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

What’s next for the Fast & Furious franchise following Paul Walker’s death?

As most of you are already painfully aware of, yesterday Fast and the Furious actor Paul Walker and a friend of his lost their lives in a fiery single car accident in Santa Clarita, California, which is just north of Los Angeles. He was attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide.

This begs the question, what is next for the Fast & Furious franchise in the wake of the Walker’s passing?

Director James Wan is currently finishing up filming on the latest installment of the franchise, Fast & Furious 7. As of a week and a half ago, the 40-year-old actor could be seen on set alongside his co-stars Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Dwayne Johnson.

In Fast & Furious 7, Dominic Toretto, played by Vin Diesel, Walker’s character Brian O’Conner, and the rest of the crew are just coming off of their participation in the takedown of rival gang leader Owen Shaw. Now, Shaw’s older brother Ian, played by Jason Statham, is looking for revenge for his brother’s death.

At this particular juncture it is unknown for sure if Walker had finished his scenes in the film; however, if he has not, it will be interesting to see how they react to the tragic events that transpired yesterday.

I mean, how do you just write out a character that has been a part of the franchise since the very beginning? Walker has been in every Fast & Furious film with the exception of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

How do you think they will handle Walker’s tragic death in the upcoming film? Do you think they will continue the franchise without Walker’s character? Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts.

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  • Victor Vasquez

    they will continue with the franchise of fast and the furious

    • Brian

      They need to find a good replacement. Ethan hawker after getaway? Good canidate

  • 2k_master

    I don’t know because it’s hard to just get rid of a MAIN character that has been there since the beginning, I think they will make a seven then it will be done. By making the seven they will have O’CONNER die and then the will go on in the movie without his character

  • Chad Robinson

    Of course they will continue the franchise, that is not even a possible answer that after shooting what im lead to beleive is at least half the movie there is no way in hell they will just throw that footage out it simply would cost to much to start over. They will either kill off his character in the last enstallment or, and this is what I’m hoping for, is to perhaps use his stunt double, cgi his face and digital voice over. Now the voice over portion may be difficult but not impossible with the technology we have now a days. You can’t just kill off a main character let alone kill him off in the last movie after the previous movie left off with him being married and having a baby with the other main characters sister. If they simply just kill him off they can do it right and not fuck up the movie but anyone that knows anything about filming knows they shoot a lot of scenes to the movies completely out of order I.e. I live in colorado springs and they shoot 4-5 days worth of filming at pikes peak. Whos to say those scenes were at the begining, the middle, or the end or several different scenes throughout the movie??????
    I hope they don’t recast!

  • Red_devil

    Sean Boswell + Dom… Most logical choice… me thinks, but how to write spilner out … damn…

    • c0re

      yup sean and dom .. but, brian is still a very important character in the story

      RIP Paul ..

    • Michael Bandoesingh

      how about Josh Duhamel as Brian’s brother

  • Deiondre

    The series is dead.

    • Christian Burhus

      If they write off Paul and go through with the 7th one, the 8th one takes place after the events of Tokyo Drift meaning they can finish the series as planned. Let’s just hope they can finish it in memory of Paul. <3

      • Lonnie Collins

        Why do you think the 8th film takes place after Tokyo Drift? They already showed Jason Stathom being the one behind Hans death. And Jason Stathom is the lead bad guy in the 7th film.

        • Christian Burhus

          I meant the 7th one comes after Tokyo Drift. But at the end of Tokyo Drift Torretto says he used to be a friend of Han’s. So the 8th one comes after the events of Tokyo Drift.

          • Lonnie Collins

            Well, essentially the 8th will take place after Tokyo Drift, lol. But the 7th take place immediately after Tokyo Drift.

      • fastandfurious

        where are yall getting an 8th film from? including tokyo drift there is only 7, they were fimling the 7th

        • Marjorie Velázquez

          Is it too hard to grasp that they were planning to do a part 8 and possibly 9? Part 7 is almost done filming, and the part 8 was probably going to go into pre-production shortly after.

  • Patrick Zamorano

    Will i think that fast 6 should be then end for fast and furious with out paul walker it’s just not the same. ………….R.I.P PAUL WALKER

  • Taylor O’Dell

    I think they will kill him off somehow tieing in the kid from tokyo that Hon trained and he will join their crew on behalf of O’Conner’s death leaving room with a full crew once again to continue the franchise with a new brother..but Paul Walker is irreplaceable and if they try they won’t make enough in the box office to continue. Fans will go to see Paul Walker in his final moments more so than to see the newest addition. I’m heartbroken that it came to this…I hope they do the right thing. They always have..I don’t expect them not to.

  • jessica

    They need to continue the series in honor of Paul Walker. Or may be the Director can basically take a vote from the fans. To continue or not continue.

  • Taylor O’Dell

    I vote continue

  • Jay H

    @TASHA MEARES I know you have a job to do but to be writing about the future of a movie franchise less than 24 hours after one of its biggest stars is killed in such a horrific way is mind boggling.
    I’m a huge fast of furious fan and was looking forward to the next installment more then anyone . People need to remember that these are human beings, and this human being had a young daughter who lost a father today.
    There will be a time to write about the the future of this franchise, that time is NOT today!

    • cocacuatchoo

      well, she only writes what most people thought after hearing the news that walker died. it’s the fact, im a fan of the franchise either, and i’m really sorry to hear the tragic news, but then the thought of what will happen to the franchise pops out in my head right away, so i thinks it’s okay to write about these stuff. after all, she didn’t say anything offensive to anyone. she only writes the fact. sorry for the bad grammar, english is not my no.1 language

  • Jay Gatsby

    There will be no more Fast and Furious films after Fast 7 (If they are able to complete it). The series was built around Walker ‘s character, this will be the final film.

    • Christian Burhus

      No, the events of Tokyo Drift comes right after the 7th movie. So the 8th movie, which was their plan for the last movie, will come after the events of Tokyo Drift. So if they follow through with 7 and write off Paul, they will finish it as usual with number 8.

      • Lonnie Collins

        The 7th film, which they are filming now, takes place right after the events of Tokyo Drift. Did you miss that in the last movie?

        • Gigi

          True, also in an interview with Vin Diesel he talks about how they were already planning the 8th installment and as part of the 8th movie they were going to include a final show down between Torreto and O’Connor in a race, so does this mean that even with the death of Paul Walker they will continue, or no? it will definitely be interesting to see how they go about this,

        • Chloe McNease

          Did you miss the scene at the end of Fast 6 where they show the Asian guy dying but from a different perspective? He died in Tokyo Drift, so yes Tokyo Drift happens after Fast 6 (where the Asian guy is still alive)

      • Jamie Bowser

        Actually the events of Tokyo drift come after fast and furious 6.

      • Guest

        its really in order like this, the fast and the furious 2 fast 2 furious, fast and furious, fast 5, fast and furious6, and then tokyo drift takes place and han dies, then comes fast annd furious 7, there is only 7 movies total, where do yll get 8

        • bobsaget

          they signed a deal for 2 more films after the 6th…..dumbass keep up

  • O’conner

    finish it for walker .. ride or die remember?

  • Johnny LoveFive

    They’ll obviously have 7, it’s already on the schedule, but I think 7 will end it, probably with O’Connor dying in a tragic car crash, with Dom having to console Mia, and raise his young child- tragic how it will most likely imitate real life.

  • sadly no more fast and furious

    Sadly no more fast and furious

  • Kyle

    It’s fucked. Plain and simple.

  • Christian Burhus

    There’s no doubt that Paul would say to finish off the series. The Fast and the Furious is what set him off in his career. He would love nothing more than for the series to be completed in his name or not. This was his life and to abruptly end the series would surely disappoint him more than it would us. RIP my dear, childhood friend. Glad I got to meet you 3 times. <3

  • J.R.

    They finish or not finish it doesn’t matter he was a good hearted kind nice guy and it sucks he had to go out that way and leave everyone that loved him behind he was a good actor and a cool guy R.I.P man we will miss ya

  • Walker

    they may have already finished filming the film so if they already have then paul survivs

  • Will M

    I think they will carry it on, for the next couple of films at least. money is key really, and too much has gone into F&F 7 to dump the footage. RIP PAUL WALKER

  • Nurko Čelik

    Why do you care about movie,care about Paul not the movie

  • Swag

    I was actually hoping that they would as all of the footage that they have currently got already. and then they could put technology in to good use, they could have like a stunt double looks alike play walker and use technology to edit the stunds face and make it look like walker, also get a walker voice alike and have him do the voice over. It to me sounds like a good idea if they could do it but i also might make it a rip of, because its not actually him and you know that audience and fans might not like the idea but with technology like this now days, who knows what we can do. A side from that i don’t know how they would finish off with out walker… he is my idol… and i will defiantly be looking out for his movie Hour and part 7 for 2f2f <3 RIP

  • Nishant Soni

    I woke up to this news, this morning. took me nearly an hours to be able to act normal, I am his huge fan along with the franchise.
    Now I want James Wan to sequentially study the tragic accident and exactly recreate it on the screen with a Red Carrera GT hitting the pole and killing Brian in Fast and the Furious 7. Make some changes to story line if you have to. Let the Statham set this accident just like how he wrecked Han’s RX7 and killed him. Let Dom then take the revenge. I don’t know, all I want is just don’t drive Paul’s character/ Brian to continue doing something else in the story line using CGI or something as technically it’s possible to finish the movie as it would have been otherwise, if you’r willing to poo all your resources. He is a hero, give him a hero’s death but an original one. Recreate reality. Ride or Die, remember?

    Rest in peace Paul. We love you.

    • Taylor O’Dell

      Do not recreate reality! That’s jacked bro..he has a family that I’m sure will watch this and if his exact dwath scene is on the movie? Cmon….how would you feel about hearing about you father’s feath and then watching the exact duplication of it on tv….really man…for you to be such a huge fan then u should know that sounds extremely messed up..

    • Jay Curtis

      I think that would be in incredibly bad taste for the writers and directors to do that. If this were to happen it would just make it to where his family and friends had to relive the whole horrific experience over and over.

  • Mark McNally

    Sadly this will probably take the film up a notch as they will have to kill off brian to complete it


    no matter what happen’s you can’t replace a character like paul walker as Brian o’conner,and if they have an idea in replacing him in the 8th movies,then it will be a flop,so maybe if they are planning to do the 8th one,then do it without the character brian o’conner.RIP PAUL WALKER.

  • kyle neal

    Ride or Die Go Hard Or Go Home cant believe he died so upsetting but i think what’s going to happen is they are just gonna cut him of and make a letter in the film saying he is done with this life or something and he moved to another place to raise the child safely its either that or they will find someone who looks enough like him and get him shot in the movie so that he has a proper farewell

  • RiseUp44

    heartbreaking seriously my favorite actor.. I literally feel sick over this. Some of the best action movies ever

    • Holly A. Vowell

      I really liked Paul Walker for a long time, and then I saw “Running Scared” and I thought, “This guy is a FUCKING FANTASTIC actor!!” He was absolutely amazing in that movie.

  • abdullah mohammed

    I think they will make john stathom make his revenge on walkers life and the movie will be about von diesel revenging for his 2 dear frinds the japanese one and walkers

    • Nishant Soni

      1. it’s Jason Statham.

      2. it’s Vin Diesel.

      3. So what is it you smoking again?

      • sand nigger


  • Michael Bandoesingh

    Josh Duhamel as Paul Walkers brother in part 8?

  • faf fan

    What about O’ Connor’s kid with Mia?? Now torretto has two kids to raise??

    • Nishant Soni

      @faffan:disqus Actually Vince’s kid (Also named Dominic) is already been taken care of. Jack will grow playing with him.

  • kane o conner

    They should finish the film to show respect for paul walker.

  • pokka vanilla

    The producers should re-cast O’Connor character with Hayden Christensen. Their faces are similar with each other. This is just my opinion, that seems the only practical option to save the movie’s budget.

  • fastandfurious

    one way around this is to have walker pass away in the movie, maybe killed by statham, just an idea

  • fastandfurious

    IF, he didnt finish his scenes

  • Shelly Wellwood

    I think he would want this movie finished and shown. But it would be a great disservice to continue another movie without him. He will be greatly missed. I hope they honour him by finishing this movie. It was an obvious passion of his. It should be seen. So bittersweet. Damn. I am missing you already.

  • MrSanderValdur

    I was pretty sad when it happened, I was/still in tears cause of it. I hopped too hard to met him irl, and now that dream is gone :’(

  • Undefeatable Faz

    I am Shocked to hear about Paul walker go R.I.P. I guess to bring in the pic to play part of Paul walker showed be Ethan Hawke, Him from Training Day & Getaway I know he should be the next Paul walker. To direct and bring Ethan Hawke in Picture, the director should set him in prison a little scene he gets to hear that his Brother Paul walker has died by The Rock. so he then escapes prison and The rock informs him to met up with Vin Diesel aka (Dom) so from they, they get introduced. That even chinese guy should appear back in Tokyo and reappear back by saying “U thought I died, but u thought wrong I survived” to make his appearance look strong, I know the car blew up, but he could buckle off his seat belt off and escape from blowing up. The chinese guy can the (Dom) & The Rock They’s another Shaws big Bro Jason lined up.

    This is why to have the Chinese guy in the pic so that Jason can be supprised to see him back alive more action more impact, even Jet Li & Stone cold would be good to be in Jason enemies gang line.

    More action more impact The rock vs Stone cold.
    Vin Diesel vs Jason
    Chinese character from Tokyo drift 3 vs Jet li.
    please add these characters in to improve Fast & Furious 7 bring the pic to LIONGATE production company

  • 10 sec car

    I think they should finish it and maybe keep going with having his in movie child growing up and taking the rains or maybe if his real daughter wanted to continue it and play his in movie child and finish the legacy

  • Shannon

    I vote continue but at the same note they just cant kill him off Due to his Family have to re live it all again But they can do something where he moves away to raise his son or in a coma or something I know if it was my father and he died that way I would not want to relive it but they should do number 7 to show honor and respect to the Man he is such a big part of the movie and If they do kill Mr Paul Walker off I hope they don’t make it a car crash they need to talk to his Family after some time has passed cause if they are still gonna make it they need to talk to them and see if they want to replace him or move him away or kill him off
    RIP Paul u will allways be loved and missed by all

  • dolls0412

    I really cant believe that Paul Walker is dead… but maybe if fast 8 comes out, they can let brian’s child an Dom take the lead role….

  • robert ronquillo

    Well I do believe that if the movie was not finished, they should just cancel it and never show it. No one can ever replace Paul Walker.

    • Grace

      It was 50% done…they will not cancel it and they shouldn’t cancel it. First, they have already invested a lot of money into it and second, it would be dishonoring Paul if they do. Paul would want them to continue and go on.

  • rock Wain

    Chris pine looks uncanny to walker. He would be my choice to continue the character.

    • Will

      I was thinking the exact same thing!

    • Grace

      chris was my first thought too…they could have passed for brothers. RIP Paul, it still hasn’t fully set in that he has passed, i still can’t believe it, im still waiting for the “its a hoax” report to come out, but sadly, i know it won’t. :(

  • shaun

    fast & furious live 4 ever I will always watch fast & furious series on nov 30 4 paul walker .

  • Esmeralda

    Well, this is for Paul walker and his family and friends, I hope that there family and friends have piece in there harts, because they have to understand that god needed an Angel so he had to tack him ,I now it hearts but life keep on going and I hope that his family and friends gather up someday ,ILOVE U PAUL WALKER and thanks for showing us your talent ,I’m your fan and its never going to Chang AND R.I.P PAUL WALKER.I love u and you would always be in my hart and not just ,me every body who love u.><

  • shaun

    no one love his Nissan skyline like Paul walker did.

  • Methadras

    Chris Pine should replace Paul Walker in the series. It would be an easy transition for the entire franchise and could launch many more.

    • Holly A. Vowell

      That is an interesting idea – he looks almost exactly like him; but I don’t think he should play the same character. Perhaps a relative, but not the same character.

      • Methadras

        Yeah, they could technically kill off Paul Walkers character and have Chris Pine come in as his avenging brother.

  • Matthew Alexander Henson

    hard to take but I think Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad) could do a good job. Beside, they look somewhat alike and he could totally pull off the character or perhaps the little brother.

  • SucksTho

    They won’t stop after FF7, because the story has 2 more parts if I remember right from what walker and diesel said themself.. Show must go on, they have contracts for 2 more movies.

    Not so sound rude, but its tragic walker died as he did but they can’t kill a franchise/story because one of the actors died, they will replace him most likly.

  • Ibrahim

    For the franchise it,s about money..yes we all know Paul Walker will be missed and never F7 will be thrilling as 1,2,3,4 & 6..Without Paul its not going to click, What will be interesting is the franchise will make alot more $$ as we all will want to watch how F7 will be steered without Paul Walker..all i will say after watching F7 movie without Paul Walker will be a flop.. Paul Walker was a person of a good character and helping the poor..He was known as the charity celeb! May God reward him for his good deeds.

  • Darie Puica

    All i have to say is… CGI

  • Daniel Cunningham

    I mean no disrespect but the show must go on, I myself am a huge Paul Walker fan and a FF fan since movie one, I remember previews for the 1st film and think DAM that movie looks awesome, but to get to my point how about Ryan Goslin as his little brother lifetime criminal ex wheelman for numerous bank jobs and drug running and maybe he escapes from prison, simply have Walker and Mia decide they have had enough of it and want to raise their child and grow old together, and Walkers little bother finds out about it and wants to step up for his big brother.

  • TeoTheGreek13

    There is no Fast and Furious without Walker. Same would be with Diesel. Unless both of them could continue, this franchise should end. And that’s coming from GINORMOUS fan of the series.

    It just won’t feel right.

  • Brian

    They need a good replacement…. anyone see getaway yet? Ethan hawke should take his role. That would be my number one candidate

  • Fast and Furious Fan

    I think they should use Josh Duhamel or Charlie Hunnam to replace Paul Walker as Brian OConner

  • Sue McPhail

    One option is to bring Jason Statham from bad to good and have him step in to the role filled by Paul Walker. This could be in keeping with Statham’s role in Transporter movies. Writers might also expand the role of The Rock. Here’s another way out-of-the-box solution: Justin Timberlake.

  • Sue McPhail

    I’ve always thought it was a bit unrealistic that these guys drive the way they do and no one dies. That only happens in the movies. Walker’s death is a tragedy, but it really does go with the territory. I don’t believe being straight about it exploits him. I think it brings a realism to this franchise that could help it live beyond any one, individual actor.

  • Kimberly

    Hayden Christensen world be a good fit maybe as Brian’s younger brother they look very similar. And Hayden could pull it I off

  • derek

    Universal say that it’s a tough nut to crack
    with fast seven paul walkers death cause of
    a logical way to do it use the little footage
    you have put his death in it and for logical
    you cap deeper in his story by doing
    something like bring his father in looking to
    make things right who can always be a cop
    and and hearing of his sons death helps dom
    seems fairly logical and for possible actors
    I’d say a car movie vet like Burt he is even
    the right age to be dad to brain

  • Caitlynn England

    Sean Boswell COULD take Brian’s place in the crew, makes perfect sense. He could find out the truth from Dom, then team up with him and take Ian down for killing Han, seeing as Sean was taught by Han, and knew him. I don’t know, but that seems like a rather good idea.

  • Santosh J Maharaj

    Aaron Paul should join the FF franchise!

  • Nick Roadcap

    I heard that they were gonna go 8 and 9 so honestly I love Paul Walker and all his movies not just fast & furious series but I believe that they will finish the series and since Aaron Paul is going to be starring in a new need for speed movie and because he is a wonderful actor I would love to see him as Paul Walkers replacement but that’s just my opinion