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England manager Roy Hodgson references Forrest Gump when talking about World Cup

So what does England manager Roy Hodgson think about Friday’s ceremony that will determine the draws for next year’s World Cup in Brazil? Well…

We will hope for the best but it is like Forrest Gump and his box of chocolates. We will open it up and see what we get, then try and digest it (Reuters).

Hodgson continued:

You always hope the draw is going to be kind to you in terms of where you are going to play.


There are venues in Brazil that will be harder to play in than others. Maybe in terms of the teams you are drawn against, some on paper look harder than others, but I’m more concerned, if anything, by the venues than by the teams we draw.


You have a bit better chance if you get one of the venues where the climate is kinder.

Personally, I’d like to see more coaches here in the United States pepper their press conferences with movie references. I bet Les Miles has some killer lines from Clueless in his mental Rolodex.

[Source: Reuters]

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