Nov 23, 2013; Columbus, OH, Ohio State Buckeyes players gather in the center of the field before the game against the Indiana Hoosiers at Ohio Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State OL Marcus Hall receives no further punishment from Big Ten

A heated rivalry turned ugly momentarily as ‘The Game’ saw a brawl break out in the first quarter.  Michigan and Ohio State players began brawling, which ended up with three ejections.  The most notable of which was Marcus Hall, one of the Buckeyes’ offensive linemen, who came off of the bench to get involved before he was ejected.  He then went off the field while making sure he let the Michigan faithful know what he thought of them as he went, giving them the double bird.  The Big Ten has announced a reprimand for Hall, but no further punishment will be handed down at this point.

This situation has a few layers involved.  First, he was ejected early in the first quarter.  He missed the vast majority of the game.  One might argue that was punishment enough.  It gets more complicated when he came off of the sideline for the Buckeyes to get involved in the brawl.  He might have been standing up for his teammates, but it went bad quickly resulting in his ejection.  Then, he finished up with his unique brand of sign language walking off of the field.

As a result, there are many criticizing the decision of the Big Ten not to punish him any further in the form of a suspension for the Big Ten Championship game this week.  The rivalry and the brawl make the issue tricky, but the way he went off of the field was a bad look both for him and the school.  Having said that, it is just one more reason for the two sides to hate each other in this rivalry.

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