SportTechie: FanSided Is The Next Big Sports Media Network

The FanSided Network continues to grow and today our company was profiled over at The article does an excellent job of tracing the history of FanSided and also explains a little bit about where we are going as a company. Exciting stuff.

Some highlights are posted below. you can read the entire article at

Allen: FanSided has grown into more than just a network of sports sites. While we know that sports will always be at the heart of what we do, we realized that everyone is a fan of something and wanted to make FanSided the one place on the internet where a reader could go to get information and opinions on most all the things that they love. That was the main reason we decided to expand into covering entertainment and lifestyle.

We also recognized that there is a great deal of crossover when it comes to sports and entertainment. When you have LeBron hanging out with Jay-Z, that is something that might interest a Heat fan and a Hip-Hop fan. When you have NFL athletes tweeting pictures of their early copies of Madden 25, that is something that appeals to both NFL fans and gamers. We’ve turned into the place where all of those things come together and we have launched specific sites that can go deeper into covering those areas. A reader can come and read about which Game of Thrones stars are fans of the Jets. Then he can go to The Jet Press to read about the team, and Hidden Remote to read more about Game of Thrones. I think that is primarily what sets FanSided apart from other sports sites. We have it all covered.

A. Best: We’re going to have more sites, more voices and more content than anybody else not only in the digital sports media space, but any property or network competing for the coveted young male demographic. We already have 250 sites featuring 1,600 writers who churn out 21,000 articles a month, and we are just scratching the surface. We’re going to keep on expanding, adding new sites, recruiting new and exciting talent.

We’ll continue to expand our college and local divisions. We’re going to build out soccer. We’re going to provide really specific, fan-oriented content in entertainment and lifestyle categories, too.  Just today, we decided on launching a horror site that will cover scary movies, vampires and zombies. We’ll dive into technology and music. We’re looking at minor league and high school sports.


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