2014 NFL Mock Draft: Week 14

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Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; A general view of the stage before the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Week 13 is a wrap and there are just four games remaining for all 32 teams . With just a month to go in the season, we are beginning to see which teams are in the playoff hunt and who needs to be focused on rebuilding in next year’s draft.

The NFL Draft order heading in to Week 14 is now set (you can view the draft order here), so we know where every team would be selection if the season were to end today.

With that knowledge, it’s time to complete our latest mock draft.

Let’s have a look at how the 2014 NFL Draft could play out.

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  • CCBigs

    Browns take Derrek Carr & Jonny Manzel?

    • Josh Hart

      I would rather see Carr and Mettenburger, Boyd, or Murray, but yes please to 2 QBs.

  • Bobby Goodsby

    Ya seriously there is no way they take 2 QB’s in first round…

    • Josh Hart

      Why? Because it’s unconventional? That’s exactly why they need to do it! Quit being the same old crappy Browns and do something outside the box.

      • joshsanchez

        It is definitely unconventional, but who do they have right now? The cupboards are bare and they need all the help they can get. You can never be 100 percent sold on a rookie QB, so why not take two of the top options? Double-down and see if one of them works out. Best case scenario, you trade one away and pick up extra picks. .

  • Sid

    So Cleveland takes two QBs in the first round? Seems unlikely.

    • Josh Hart

      Unlikely, yes, but smart and something they really need to do? Yes!

    • joshsanchez

      It is definitely unconventional, but who do they have right now? The cupboards are bare and they need all the help they can get. You can never be 100 percent sold on a rookie QB, so why not take two of the top options? Best case scenario, you trade one away and pick up extra picks. .

  • QB4Cle

    I’m on board with Carr as Cleveland’s first pick, but doubt they would draft another QB with the second. They need more talent at almost every position, so they should use the second to take the best player on the board regardless of position.

    • Josh Hart

      Sure they need more talent at other positions, but 90% of the Browns problems disappear with a true franchise QB. Why not take 2 to make sure you find at least 1 that’s great?

      • mike

        i dont disagree with taking two qbs BUT not 2 in the first round! its a QB heavy draft, they can get another talented QB in 3-5 rd

      • QB4Cle

        They can take a QB in the first, and then address their many other needs with their next several picks. There is a QB at OSU who majored in being a top shelf backup QB. He can be picked up much later…or even signed as an undrafted FA.

  • WOW haha

    maybe you should actually pay attention to your own picks when doing your mock draft lol

  • Chase Riley

    Chiefs offense couldn’t
    muster up anything in mid season. They need an offensive playmaker besides Bowe/Charles. Don’t expect them to take a DE here…???? WTH???!!!

  • Josh Hart

    Although I don’t like Johnny Football, I love the fact you have the Browns taking 2 QBs in the first. This is exactly what they need to do.

    • joshsanchez

      Thanks for having an open mind. It is definitely something that isn’t traditional, but when you need as much help at the position as the Browns do, then why not give it a shot?

  • Fede Mauccione Pérez

    A team drafting two QBs on the first round? Not gonna happen buddy, the Eagles will pick Clinton Dix, Skov, before they pick a CB

  • Old Guy

    Pats need a stout defensive tackle. Have you not watched the run defense?

  • gigemags35

    Josh is a moron!! Hey Josh, we are not looking for a defensive lineman. I don’t care how important you think a “banged up” Clowney is. We need a QB. Preferably one that is not already injured. We also need an offensive line to protect this said QB. That’s what the Texans will be focussing their attention. Their defense is still pretty good. The person who picked a defensive lineman as the Texans first pick is long gone from Houston. Do your homework before making bad predictions. Your first prediction is an epic failure. That throws off all of your other picks.

  • Max Stuart

    I disagree with the Browns taking both Carr and Manziel. I can see them taking Boyd, Carr, or Mettenberger with one of their first round picks, and also taking a reciever. They can try and do what the Redskins did by taking Cousins maybe. The guy from San Jose St, Fales would be a good 3rd or 4th round pick since they have 2 picks in each of the rounds. I see the Browns going with Derek Carr, Odell Beckham Jr., Ka’Deem Carey, and maybe a guard, cornerback, or quarterback with their first 3rd round pick.

    • Max Stuart

      … coming from a HUGE Cleveland Browns fan.

      • QB4Cle

        Max, do you disagree with the idea of taking Guiton in the 7th?

        • Max Stuart

          Definently… he was a great backup in college and will be the better pro in my opinion. He has great experience, too. I really like Braxton Miller but I can’t see him panning out in the pro’s. Guiton will be a great backup no matter where he goes.

  • asdfkljh

    Couldn’t really see TT and the Packers taking a tight end that early in the draft, even if Finley is gone forever. By next year, their offense is gonna be scary good with Rodgers, jones, cobb, nelson, and the newly emerged jarrett boykin. And with the one-two-THREE punch of Lacy, Starks, and either Franklin or Harris, AND a healthy O-line with Bulaga, Sitton, Deitrich-Smith, Lang, and Bahkiarti, they can easily put in Ryan Taylor or Andrew Quarless as a tight end, or maybe invest in a blocking tight end for the run game. While Finley was a great talent and finally coming into his own, and as a Packer fan I’m incredibly sad to see him most likely not return, the Packers offense will be okay with a consistent threat at tight end. Hell, they did it in 2010.

    Their defense on the other hand…not so scary good. Awful safeties, corners and linebackers cant seem to stay healthy. D-line got off to a solid start but is starting to look really really bad. TT needs to go all in this year. Rodgers isnt gonna be young forever, and just turned the big 3-0. You gave him the offensive weapons, now for the love of god, get him a defense. If they can get a DECENT safety, and Burnett plays like he used to, and people can finally stay healthy, I’d say their defense could be around the 15-17 area, just good enough to keep them in games and have Rodgers win games. I’m not expecting an elite defense next season, but anything has to be better then what we’ve been seeing. They need to draft either a new safety or D-line.

  • Andy Gonzalez

    Stupid. Jadeveon Clowney couldn’t play defensive end in a 3-4 scheme. He would have to be converted to outside linebacker.

    Our defense is bad due to injuries, not due to poor players. Houston needs a quarterback.

  • Eliot

    Websites like this are a FUCKING PAIN to navigate. Just give us a list on one page!

  • Brian Dobbs

    Pretty sure Carr does not go to Oregon if Mariota goes back…as he did…He may go to the Vikings in Minnesota though :)

  • Das Dweeb

    I know it’s tough to scout all 32 teams, but “San Francisco’s secondary is aging and under performing”? Really? They’re No. 4 in pass defense (yards allowed) and No. 2 in lowest passer rating allowed. They surrender only 204 yards per game in the air, much of that in garbage time (just ask the Rams). As to their supposed decrepitude …

    Rookie play-making FS Eric Reid turned 22 yesterday. Just-extended, now-starting CB Tramaine Brock is 25. Excellent starting CB Tarell Brown is 28. “Old Man” SS Donte Whitner, playing at a Pro Bowl level ever since he came to the team, is 28. Only standout slot corner Carlos Rogers is over 30 (32), and that doesn’t count injured DB Chris Culliver, on whom the team is high and expects to take a starting corner job. He’s 25. Not only that, but CB Eric Wright, 28, is possibly playing his way into a job next season, and they have cheap veteran depth in S Craig Dahl (28) and special teams standout DB CJ Spillman (27). Can they use another fine player? Of course, who couldn’t? But to call one of the elite units in the NFL “under performing” and a group that averages under 28 years of age “aging” is simply factually incorrect.

    If you followed the Niners, you’d know they’re more likely to spend their 1st rounder in 2014 on a stud WR or OL depth. Until recently, their passing offense was ranked dead last, although No. 1 receiver Michael Crabtree just returned and promising rookie Quinton Patton is healthy again. A field-stretching playmaker could make that group an elite unit. Their vaunted OL suffered injuries this year, though so far it has shown the depth to survive. However, the pass protection has been leaky all year and C Jonathan Goodwin is likely gone after this season (they’re high on Daniel Kilgore to take over), so a pick there would make sense.

    Might they go for a DB? Sure, if there’s someone who blows them away – the depth of their roster is such that they can essentially go for “Best Player Available” with any pick. But if they have an obvious weakness, it’s lack of a big-play deep threat, not an “aging” or “under-performing” secondary.

    You’re welcome.