What can be expected at the VGX?


The next gen era is upon us with both the PS4 and Xbox One releasing. The next thing on the horizon will be the games that come out for each system.

There was a video game awards show, known as the VGAs where trailers for new games were showed and they also gave awards for the best games.

That name is now gone and has been replaced by VGX. This show will be more focused on games and have less of a Hollywood style to the awards show. The format of showing world premiere trailers and exclusive gameplay footage still remains.

The question to ask is what can be expected at the VGX?

One thing to watch for is that a major announcement will be made by Respawn Entertainment regarding their upcoming online shooter Titanfall. They will probably have a new trailer to show and detail some features of the game.

Another Xbox One exclusive title will also make an appearance at the show with Remedy Entertainment showing a first look at gameplay for Quantum Break. This is great, because up to this point all we’ve been shown are teaser trailers.


The other thing to keep an eye out for is that publisher Sqaure Enix will have two new trailers at the show.

A quick review of Square Enix’s western studios turns up plenty of possibilities. Eidos Montreal is working on Thief; Crystal Dynamics has a new Tomb Raider in the works; and IO Interactive is devoted to Hitman.

Another possible reveal is that Bethesda Softworks may announce Fallout 4. Also a new trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will debut at the show.

I do expect we’ll see something on Uncharted 4, but not anything major as Naughty Dog and Sony probably want to save that for E3.

The VGX is shaping up to be a great awards show with plenty of terrific games being shown.

Let me know in the comments section below what game you hope to see and what has you most excited.







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