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Ingenious Nike soccer ball commercial

What do golf and soccer have in common?  Not much, except Nike is heavily invested in both sports, and decided to bring Wayne Rooney and Rory Mcllroy together in a new Nike soccer ball commercial.  Check out the link in the tweet from the Golf Channel.

A lot goes into making golf balls and soccer balls, and ingenious marketing helps get the products sold.  The commercial features a “golf” match between golfing phenom Rory Mcllroy and England’s best soccer player Wayne Rooney (not sure if that is true, but he gets paid a lot of money).  Mcllroy plays golf the traditional way, and Rooney uses a soccer ball to get around the links.  Apparently, the match is incredible with both players knocking down pins.  The end of the commercial features the Nike Ordem football, the actual product being sold.

Here are some more commercials featuring pro golfers:

Rickie Fowler as “Dick” Fowler PI in a Farmers Insurance commercial.

Fred Funk in a Mitsubishi Electric commercial.

Fred Couples in a Mitsubishi Electric commercial.

“Don’t get caught out of your comfort zone,” is classic.


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