Jan 14, 2012; Tucson, AZ, USA; Former Arizona Wildcats head coach Lute Olson watches a game between the Oregon Ducks and the Arizona Wildcats at the McKale Center. The Ducks won 59-57. Mandatory Credit: Chris Morrison-USA TODAY Sports

Lute Olson not a fan of new rules in college basketball

The new rules regarding hand-checking and charges — you know, the rules that led to game earlier this year in which a ridiculous 73 fouls were called – have come under a lot of criticism this college basketball season. The latest person to express distaste for the new regulations? Hall of Famer Lute Olson.

Here’s what Olson told USA Today Sports about the new rules:

Frankly, I really don’t like it that much. I think it takes teams out of their rhythm. It seems like there is a whistle stopping play so many times. I can understand if they are arm-barring a kid and keeping him from where he wants to go.


Some of these touch fouls I think are ridiculous. I don’t think they are good for the game. We go to all the home games here at Arizona. And I don’t blame the crowd when they get upset because the thing I hear more than anything is, ‘Let them play.’ And I think that is probably the feeling of most basketball fans.

According to NCAA director of officials John Adams, the new rules should theoretically create a more fluid and artistic style of play (read: more points should be scored). The average for points has indeed risen from 67.5 points per game last season to 74.29 so far this year, but it’s debatable whether that increase has actually coincided with the development of a more graceful game.

This certainly won’t be the last we hear about this issue, so stay tuned (but not too closely. We wouldn’t want a foul called).

[Source: USA Today Sports]

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