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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Reference to the show made in new Stephen King novel ‘Doctor Sleep’

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Anyone who has been watching the hit FX series Sons of Anarchy for any length of time is probably aware that bestselling author Stephen King is a huge fan of the show. It would seem that he has taken his love for the series one step further, as he made reference to the main character Jax Teller, played in the series by Charlie Hunnam, as well as the series in his latest novel Doctor Sleep. The passage from the book reads,

It was also nice to have a grown man stand up for her, and it didn’t hurt that he was handsome, in a scruffy kind of way that reminded her a little of Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy, a show she and Emma Deane secretly watched on Em’s computer.”

When the reference was mentioned in the book, a fan posted an image on Twitter that was retweeted by series creator Kurt Sutter who added that King is a friend and a fan of the show.

Now, King is no ordinary fan of the series. Not just because of his status as one of the greatest authors to have ever lived, but because he has actually made an appearance in the show. Stephen King appeared in Season 3 Episode 3 of Sons of Anarchy which was entitled “Caregiver.” His character’s name was Bachman. He played a “cleaner” who was hired by Tig to dispose of the body of Gemma’s father’s slain caretaker Amelia.

As a fan of the series, I must say that he did a pretty good job as well. His character did a good job of creeping me out. Then again, that is kind of Stephen King’s thing; scaring people.

Doctor Sleep is the follow up to his 1977 classic The Shining. From the excerpts I have read so far, it seems like one of those books that you had better leave the lights on while reading; unless you are exceptionally brave, of course.

Doctor Sleep is available now at all major booksellers.

Sons of Anarchy airs on Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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