Florida Panthers and Ottawa Senators play NHL game, no one cares

What happens in Florida when the Panthers take on an equally bad team like the Ottawa Senators on a Tuesday night? By the looks of things, not much. The Senators would eventually go on to win the game by a 4-2 final, but an old adage seems to come into play here: if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, did the tree really fall?

So then: Did the Senators really win a hockey game?

If these photos are any indication, they didn’t since no one witnessed it.

The Panthers would go on to announce that 10,074 people attended the contest, which was the lowest total since Halloween of 2008. Keep repeating it to yourself Florida fans: Things are going to continue to get worse before things get much better. The team is among the worst and least effective in the NHL right now and rumors are swirling that they’re looking to deal a number of their veterans away.

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