Nov 30, 2013; Auburn, AL, USA; Auburn Tigers fans storm the field in celebration following their victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide 34-28 after a 100 yard return of a missed field goal by cornerback Chris Davis (11) with no time left in the game at Jordan Hare Stadium. Mandatory Credit: RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

Funny, dubbed-over call of the Iron Bowl ending (Video)

You’ve probably heard it 1,000 times since Saturday, but Bob Bramlett’s call on the Auburn Radio Network of the incredible Iron Bowl ending is simply the stuff that legends are made of. When Bramlett let’s out the call of, “Auburn’s gonna win the football game!,” as Chris Davis darted 100 yards down the left sideline, any college football fan should get chills up their spine. Well, okay, maybe not if you’re from Tuscaloosa, but you get my point.

People are calling it one of the greatest endings maybe ever to a college football game. You can justify that just by listening to Bramlett’s call.

But, what about from the Alabama side? Yeah, we’ve heard the call which wasn’t near as exciting from the Tide radio network, but what SHOULD have it sounded like?

Well, maybe it should have went a little something like this:

Now that is funny. Simply because it plays off the stereotype that Alabama fans are delusional.

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