MLB Rumors: Paul Konerko to return to White Sox

As players around the league are moving, it looks like Chicago White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko might be staying put. FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal says he is hearing that Konerko will stay from sources. He didn’t add what the details of any deal might be but a one-year deal seems like a safe guess for a player who is 37 years old.

In Novemeber White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf told WSCR-AM 670 that it was up to Konerko if he wanted to return.

“I have no idea,” Reinsdorf said, via CSN Chicago. “It’s truly Paul’s option. He has earned the right to come back if he wants to come back. He’s been the most popular player over the last 15 years that we’ve had. … He’s basically a White Sox lifer. He’s a terrific teammate. He’s our captain and he just has to make a decision whether he wants to come back or not.”



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