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New '300: Rise of the Empire' Theatrical Trailer Released (Video)


Last night we saw a teaser for today’s big release of the new 300: Rise of the Empire trailer and the wait seems to have been worth it. We live in an age of Hollywood where remakes, reboots, sequels and prequels are constantly produced for existing franchises and 300 seems to be no exception to this this rule.

Case in point, 300: Rise of the Empire which will tell the story that takes place before the one we all became familiar with after the hit 2006 movie. But while the trailer for the movie looks cool, there are a few things we need to be careful about before storming theaters to see the picture.

The first problem for historians is that none of the story actually happened. It’s a fictional prequel to a fictional movie based off of a fictional graphic novel. But the real gripe moviegoers should have with 300: Rise of the Empire is that it looks way too similar to the original Zack Snyder film starring Gerard Butler.

Sure, it’s a new story, but you don’t make a story new by swapping out characters, setting it in an earlier era and putting a different title on the film. The trailer gives us hope that the movie won’t be a total dud but don’t hold out too long on that.

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