Ohio restaurant offers Brandon Weeden burger

When you are an NFL player that is being honored with your own burger, you have either done something spectacular or spectacularly awful. Unfortunately for Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden, the burger is honoring his increasing amount of turnovers.

Briquettes Smokehouse in Ohio will be offering a “Brandon Weeden Burger” on Sunday, but we don’t think Weeden will appreciate it.

Here is what you can expect from the burger, according to the restaurant’s Facebook page::


The Weeden Burger — A tender all beef patty, cooked perfectly, and smothered in toppings which we systematically pick off right before your eyes while you watch helplessly; all before dropping the burger on the ground right before it is set down in front of you.


The burger is served with a half full glass of beer.

The only thing missing from this burger is some aged goat cheese and a red pepper topping.

The most interesting thing about the burger is what the restaurant will do if Weeden is not able to start on Sunday. We highly doubt they will have a Trick-Shot Burger for Alex Tanney.

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