Old man kicks an ASU fan in the face (Video)

Rivalry games sometimes bring out the worst in people, for instance the woman who shot some in Alabama for not being upset about their lost. While all that took center stage, there was some violence at the Arizona State Sun Devils’ game against the Arizona Wildcats.

It is hard to tell what the altercation is about, but it escalates quickly to quote Ron Burgundy. The old man is on higher ground arguing with some frat bro a couple of rows down. It looks like there are a couple of guys who are trying to keep the peace in between the two. They’re holding the younger guy back and look like they’re talking to the man.

The older gentleman then steps forward and kicks him in the face out of no where. The group of frat bros immediately go after the older gentleman who continues to throw haymakers and punches as they try to “come at him.”

It looks like he is getting the better of them to and another fan looks like is pulling him off.

[h/t] Deadspin

And thanks to SB Nation we have this:

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