Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy trying to accurately describe 'Doctor Who'. Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Ron Burgundy SportsCenter appearance cancelled due to Jameis Winston decision

On Wednesday, we learned that the decision on whether or not to charge Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston on an alleged sexual assault claim will be announced at a press conference at 2 PM ET.

Because of this, as we all imagined, ESPN will be all over whatever the news may be, probably for the rest of the night. From the beginning of this situation, the network has been all over it with legal analysts stating their opinion, as well as Heisman experts voicing what they believe a potential negative outcome would mean for the redshirt freshman’s Heisman chances.

There was also something else that was scheduled to happen on Thursday. To the delight of many, actor Will Ferrell was going to anchor the 6 PM SportsCenter as Ron Burgundy.

Now, though, according to ESPN David Scott of ESPN, that appearance will no longer be happening, and he has even stated that it is because of the Winston announcement:


Seeing as the press conference is scheduled at 2PM and Ferrell’s appearance was scheduled for 6PM, I think this is a clear indication of what ESPN programming will be like tomorrow.

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