Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in Season 6 Episode 12 of 'Sons of Anarchy' entitled 'You Are My Sunshine'. Photo Credit: FX

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 6 Episode 12 Recap ‘You Are My Sunshine’

All of the lies, all of the betrayals, every single piece of the puzzle is starting to come into view. When show creator Kurt Sutter told us that this season would be intense, he certainly knew how to deliver. Tonight’s episode sets the stage for next week’s epic season finale. Let’s take a look at the episode that will lead us to the finale, the episode entitled ‘You Are My Sunshine.’

The Meeting

When we start tonight’s episode Jax and the rest of the MC go to meet with District Attorney Patterson. She and Jax met privately under an enclosure. As one could expect, she is incredibly critical of Jax’s methods. Needless to say, she was none too impressed at the diversion he set for her and her officers.

However, Jax reminds her that at the end of the day, he held up his end of the deal. He gave her everything that he agreed to. He gave her the KG-9s, the IRA Supplier, and the Local Gun Dealer. Just because they were dead when they were delivered doesn’t make them any less delivered.

She tells him that they have to conclude their investigation, and then she will let him know if he indeed held up their end of the bargain.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if Jax can sense this or not, but she is totally stalling in order to make sure that her deal with Tara doesn’t go South first. If there is anything that Patterson is skilled at, it is altering course to the next best thing.

The Potential Rat

Tara is at the cabin caring for Bobby when Juice brings her a cup of coffee. He asks her if she needs anything else. When she says no, he exits the room. She glances over at Bobby, who is asleep in the bed, when her cell phone starts to ring. When she picks it up, she realizes that it is Patterson.

She glances over at Bobby to make sure that he is truly asleep, and then closes the door behind Juice.

Of course, Patterson wants to make all of the necessary arrangements to make sure that this deal goes off without a hitch. She tells Tara that everything is in place for her to provide Tara with the protection that she requested for both her and the boys in exchange for the bullet that she pulled out of Bobby.

Patterson asks Tara to meet her at her office. Tara tells her that she can’t do that because she has SAMCRO escorts. The two of them agree to meet at Tara’s office at the hospital.

The Meeting with the Irish

Jax asks Connor if he had spoken with the Kings yet. Connor tells him that he had. He also told Jax that the BBC had picked up the story, so they heard it from there as well.

Jax asks him if he had an opportunity to speak with them about August. Connor tells him that they didn’t have time to get into it, and that they had more pressing matters.

Jax, Chibs, and Connor make a plan for going forward. A plan that keeps them safe from the Chinese, who are still pretty pissed about what Galen did to them.

The MC goes with a few of Connor’s boys to make sure that all of the guns are secure. Once everything has been loaded on the truck, all of Connor’s men are shot down by SAMCRO. You see, Jax is going to attempt to use them as a bargaining chip in order to get Happy back from the Chinese.

The Meeting with the Chinese

When the Chinese arrive, everything is in order. Bohai asks him if the events that played out in the hangar were because of Jax. Jax tells him that it couldn’t be helped.

Jax asks Bohai if Happy is in the van. As a sign of good faith, they show Happy to him. Bohai then asks Jax where the guns and Connor’s man were. Jax leads him inside.

Lin is disappointed to see that Connor’s men are already dead. He tells Jax that this defeats the purpose of vengeance. He tells him that it is the act of doing that is most important. Even though Jax is prepared to provide him with the guns, Lin is not satisfied. Lin tells him that he must bring him Connor as a replacement.

Jax tells him that he can’t do that. In the same respect, Lin tells Jax that in that case, he cannot return Happy to him. It will be on Jax to make this work.

Jax tells the boys to reach out to August Marks. Whatever this is, this is not going to bode well for Lin and his crew.

The Future of the Byz-Lats

At Diosa, Nero is in his office working on some things when a very loud banging starts at the front door. So loud, in fact, that he can hear it clear as day in his office. Lyla answers the door and tells him that they are not open yet, but he all but forces his way in the door.

Fiasco asks Nero if they can talk. Nero leads him into his office and listens to what he has to say. Fiasco tells him that the Byz-Lats are about to be finished. He tells Nero that ever since SAMCRO came into the picture that things have been going south for them, and that it only seems to be getting worse.

Fiasco tells him that Alvarez has reached out and wants to set up a meeting to discuss their future. Nero is not so keen on the meeting in the beginning; however, he eventually agrees to meet with him.

I think slowly, but surely, Nero’s faith in his deal with SAMCRO is crumbling. I wonder how long it will be before it comes down all together.

The Heart to Heart

Back at the house, Gemma walks into Wendy’s room to see Abel coloring on the bed in front of Wendy. Gemma asks him what he is making, but he doesn’t really talk a whole lot. Abel has been very quiet lately. Missing his mother seems to be really bearing down on him.

Gemma tells him that Unser is in the other room playing with Abel’s Legos, and that she thinks he could use some help building a new clubhouse. Quietly, Abel collects his things and heads out to find Unser.

Gemma sits on the bed in front of Wendy. Gemma tells her that they have to have her checked into this rehab by noon tomorrow. Gemma hands her a cup of green tea.

Wendy is a little confused over what Gemma is playing at. She asks her if all this being nice to her is some sort of a power play. Gemma tells her that there is a pretty good chance that Tara is going to jail, and that she won’t need any more hurt.

She tells Wendy that she is going to need some help going forward.

She basically has Unser, the half-wit Crow Eaters, and then there is the Junkie Mom. Wendy seems a little bit offended by that, but Gemma is quick to point out how Wendy had betrayed her, but that she has since paid the price for what she has done.

Gemma tells her that she knows how much Wendy loves Abel. Wendy assures Gemma that Jax is never going to let her near Abel. Gemma tells her that she will work on Jax. Gemma tells her that all she needs to do is to get clean, and get back on track.

The Not-So-Daring Escape

Tara tells Juice that she needs more supplies. He assigns Rat to accompany her to the hospital. They ask if there is anything that they should do for Bobby.

“Don’t let him die.” She says sarcastically.

She tells them that he is sleeping and that he should be fine. Tara has acquired quite the attitude since all of this went down; especially since the whole situation with Jax and Collette. It makes m both respect her and want to slap the living bejesus out of her all at the same time.

Juice goes in to see Bobby and sees him smoking a joint. Bobby tells him that it is under Doctor’s orders. Bobby asks him if everything played out according to plan with Clay and Galen.

Juice asks him why he changed his mind this time. Bobby tells him that Clay has always deserved to meet Mr. Mayhem for the things that he has done against the club; however, the first time, it was not what was right for the club. This time, the move made sense.

Bobby tells Juice that he needs to head over to Diosa, get a massage, drop a few pills, and spent some time with a woman. He tells Juice that he is making everyone nervous, especially him. Juice tells him that he’s fine. Bobby tells him that it wasn’t a suggestion.

While Bobby heads into the bathroom, Juice grabs all of the Oxy pills on the counter before he heads out.

The Meeting with the Mayans

There sure are a lot of meetings today, aren’t there?

Nero and a few of his crew head out to meet with Marcus Alvarez and a few of his crew. Nero tells him that he is curious to hear who this whole arrangement is going to work.

Alvarez explains to Nero that in the past everyone has gotten their guns from the same place, SAMCRO. The Niners, the Mayans, the Chinese, and everyone else has all been working with SAMCRO, and that they have always been on even ground because Jax has played the referee; however, with SAMCRO stepping away from the gun business and moving in August Marks, this creates an unfair shift in the balance of power.

Nero suggests that they work things out through the club, but Alvarez is not really having that. This ordeal with the Chinese has put the Mayans in a curious position.

Alvarez tells him that they are about to start a charter out in Stockton. He tells him that he has about twenty members from the Vegas and Oakland chapters that are willing to make the jump. This means that they are moving right into the area where Diosa Del Sur is and right into Barosky’s territory.

Nero tells him that they should stay neutral. Alvarez tells him that there is no Switzerland in the hood.

The Mayans roll out, leaving Nero with one large decision to make.

The Irish – Round Two

Jax tells Connor a complete lie. Jax tells him that the people who make their bullets found the truck and that the men are dead and the guns are gone. Connor is understandably pissed off.

Connor tells Jax that this is the last thing that the Kings are going to want to hear. Jax tells him that this is exactly why he needs August Marks. Jax stresses on how this deal would provide them with local protection. Jax tells him that he needs to speak to Marks.

Connor agrees to meet with him. Jax tells Connor that he will set it up.

The Unexpected Visitor

When Tata opens the door to her office, instead of finding Patterson waiting for her, she sees Gemma sitting on her desk. Tara asked her how she knew she was there. Gemma tells her that Wes informed her that she was out getting supplies, so she figured that she would meet her there,

She tells her that she needs some anti-nausea scripts. Tara makes some smart remark about not having the keys to the pharmacy, but eventually tells her that she will check to see if they have any samples she can give her, but otherwise, she can buy some Emetrol over the counter.

In the spirit of sarcastic remarks, Gemma makes a sick joke about the stain left on the carpet from Tara’s fake miscarriage.

Gemma asks her how Bobby is doing. She tells Gemma that he is going to be fine. She tells Gemma that she has to find some files for her lawyer, and that she will meet her outside in a few minutes.

Gemma grabs her purse and leaves.

The Chance Meeting

On her way out of the hospital, Gemma runs Into District Attorney Patterson. Now only if she could have walked into Tara’s office while Tara and Gemma were still chatting. That would have been beautiful.

Gemma asks her if she is in the hospital on pressing business. She tells her that some of their officers were injured during the shootout yesterday. Patterson tells the rest of her entourage that she will meet them in the waiting area.

When Gemma asks her why they aren’t going to the Stockton Med Center, Patterson tells her that the Ocular Trauma Specialist at St. Thomas’ is the best in the state.

After a few more tense interactions, the two of them go on their merry ways.

I assure you that this encounter is going to come back at some point in the episode.

The Deal

Back in Tara’s office Patterson, as well as Agent Bowman from the ATF, present Tara with the deal they drafted for her. It would provide protection for both her and the boys in exchange for the bullet that she removed from Bobby after the shooting.

Tara tells them to send it to her lawyer, and if he says that she is fully covered then she will meet Patterson at her office tonight. The ATF agent is pretty persistent that one of the Agents accompany her to extract her children; however, Tara is not having any of it.

She tells them that she is not going to allow the last image the children remember of her father be of some stranger pulling them from his arms at gunpoint. She assures them that she can handle this.

With no other options, they agree to Tara’s terms. She tells them that she will meet them by 6 p.m.

Can you feel your blood boiling yet? Just wait. This gets better, but that’s later.

After Tara leaves, the ATF Agent asks Patterson what will happen if she bails. Patterson tells him that if she doesn’t testify that she will bury her in court; however, if she takes the boys and runs that SAMCRO will hunt her down and kill her.

It seems to me like Patterson is ok with either of those two situations playing out.

The Tension in Between

The tension between Jax and Tara is almost visible to the naked eye. Both of them arrive back at the cabin at the same time. Both of them take an extended gaze at each other before moving on.

Tara scorns Bobby and his drinking in addition to his prescription medication. Of course, he blows it off and goes about his conversation.

Jax follows Tara into the bedroom and closes the door behind him. A short moment of awkward silence fills the room before Jax breaks the ice.

These two don’t even talk like a couple anymore; they haven’t in a very long time.

Jax assures Tara that after her trial, they are going to figure everything out. In spite of everything that has happened, he is still trying to hold on to their broken relationship.

Jax turns to walk out of the room and Tara chases him. She throws her arms around him and buries her head into his chest before telling him that she is sorry. If you look deep enough into her eyes, you can clearly see that she has decided what it is that she is going to do.

Is it the best decision? I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out.

The Broken One

Juice has definitely seen his better days. Juice is finally starting to crack under the weight of all of his actions over the years. I think watching the Clay situation play out until its final moments has finally caused the crack in his psyche that is going to cause the flood gates to open.

He arrives at Diosa looking like he has just been in the ring with Mike Tyson for 10 rounds.

He sits on the couch when Lyla sees him. Concerned, she walks over to him. She asks him if he is there for business or pleasure.

Pleasure, I think.” Juice replies.

She asks him if he is ok. He tells her that he is working on it. She tells him that she heard about what happened yesterday and that she is sorry. He tells her that he knew it had to happen and that he deserved what he had coming to him. She assures him that it will be good again.

Somehow, I just don’t think he is buying it.

Lyla takes Juice upstairs and puts him in one of their rooms. She tells him to get undressed and put on a robe and that she will send someone back for him. She asks him if he has a preference. He tells her to send someone nice. Something tells me that all he wants right now is someone to bare his soul to.

When Lyla heads downstairs, she sees Gemma. She tells Gemma that Nero isn’t back yet, and that she is sorry about Clay. She tells Gemma to grab a drink and that she is going to get Juice a date. When Gemma asks about Juice, Lyla tells her that he is a little undone.

Back upstairs, Juice is shirtless and looking in the mirror. It truly looks like he is about to crack wide open. He puts his hand over his chest as he struggles just to stay on his feet. Slowly, he falls to the floor. He crawls over to his kutte and digs for the pills that he lifted off of Bobby.

One by one, he starts desperately putting them into his mouth.

The Slightly More Daring Escape

Back at the house, Tara is tending to Bobby. She tells him that he needs to stay in bed and get some sleep. Obviously, this shouldn’t be a problem as he is half out already.

I love you, Doc.” He says as Tara is walking out of the room.

She stops for a second, not saying anything, and half-heartedly smirks at him.

On her way out she is asked how Bobby is doing. She tells him that he is resting, and that is what she is going to do. She says that she is exhausted. He nods and goes back to reading his book.

She walks into her room and closes the door behind her. She grabs her purse off of the bed and quickly slips out the window. I guess she really has made her decision.

The Two-Faced Double Cross

The club goes to meet with Connor. He tells them that he has spoken to the Kings and that they are going to meet to make a decision. He is supposed to call them after their meeting.

Just then an entourage of black vehicles pulls up. Connor asks Jax if this is Marks. Jax leads him to believe that is who it is. Unfortunately, it is actually Lin and his crew. Jax draws his weapon and puts it to Connor’s neck before Lin is even out of the car.

Suddenly, everyone’s guns are drawn as these two crews face off.

Don’t worry, it ends well.” Jax says to Connor.

Jax tells Lin that he doesn’t get Connor until he gets Happy back. Lin calls for his men to retrieve Happy. As they let Happy go, Jax asks him if he is ok.

Once Jax gets the nod, he pushes Connor over to Lin. Lin’s crew takes Connor back towards the van.

Jax tells him that everything is still in the truck. His whole crew heads inside the barn; however, when Lin and his crew open the lift to the truck, there are a couple of Niners in there with the weapons already drawn that begin to fire on the Chinese.

Suddenly, it is an all-out firestorm in there; both Niners and Sons plowing down the Chinese.

Bohai tries to escape, but he too is caught in the crossfire. As he lay on the ground drawing what would soon be his last breaths, Tig hands a gun to Happy, signifying that Bohai is his to dispose of.

I love you guys.” Happy says as he walks over to Bohai.

Without much hesitation, Happy points and empties the gun into Bohai’s chest. He reminds us once again how he got his name.

And we love you.” Tig says after the job is done.

This was such a well pieced bit of comedy amongst all the chaos.

The Rat

While she is in the car heading back to Charming, she receives a call from District Attorney Patterson. She asks her if she has spoken to her lawyer. She proceeds to tell Tara that he made a few tweaks to the deal, but otherwise he liked what they presented him.

Tara tells her that she will give him a call.

The question now, is this really going to play out according to plan, or will something else get in the way of things going “right” once again?

Taking Out the Garbage

As the rest of the crew load the Chinese bodies into the vehicles, Connor expresses his distaste for Jax’s methods. He asks Jax what would have happened if Bohai had blown his head off at first sight.

That’s your style, not his.” Jax says.

Jax tells him that this has not only set the Chinese back, but afforded the chance for him to see what Marks can provide him with.

Connor asks one of the Niners if they answer to Marks.

Just like Mr. Pope, Mr. Marks is our benefactor. He protects our interests, we protect his.” He says.

Jax tells Connor that he will let Marks break everything down for him, as he is already on his way. Connor seems a bit shaky at the idea, but agrees nonetheless.

It would seem that the Sons are well on their way to being out of the gun business; however, if there is one thing we have learned from Sons of Anarchy it is that things are never what they seem.

The Easy Way Out

Gemma is illustrating to Chucky that the shop does not barter, and that they only take cash or credit. Don’t ask. Let’s just say that it has something to do with Chinchillas.

Gemma can see that there is something wrong with Nero. He tells her that it is this mess going on with his crew right now. She asks him if he wants to talk about it, but just as he goes to reach for her hand, one of the girls races into the room begging for help. She tells them that there is something wrong with Juice.

Nero and Gemma both run behind her. When they get into the room, Juice is naked on the floor in front of them. The girl tells them that she told Juice to roll over and the next thing she knew he was on the floor.

Gemma and Nero attempt to wake him, but when Nero checks his eyes, he can tell that he has taken something. The girl tells them that he never took anything in front of her.

Lyla tells them that he was pretty high when he came in. Gemma tells them to check the room for anything that he could have taken. Lyla finds the empty Oxy containers. She tells Nero that if they were full that he took 6 of them.

Nero takes one of the packages and looks at it. He says that they were 80s and that this is really bad.

They turn him over, and Gemma takes the trash can from the girl and puts it under Juice. She tells him that if he bites her that she will rip his tongue out.

Gemma shoves her hand down Juice’s throat to induce vomiting. I have to admit, while I know that was 100% necessary to save Juice’s life, I almost got sick watching it. I have no stomach when it comes to vomit. For some reason, I am perfectly ok with blood, but vomit is just…no.

The Meeting between Marks and the Irish

Again, with the meetings! This is turning out to be one busy day for SAMCRO.

After introducing himself, he said that it was a shame that everything had to go down like that. He says that kind of call is never easy.

Jax tells Connor that Marks is willing to double the Irish’s network. Marks tells him that they have a rather large territory with significant buyers providing that they can provide the product.

One of Marks’ men brings in duffel bag and drops it on the ground in front of Connor. Marks tells Connor that there is a half a million dollars in there for their first order.

Marks tells Connor to talk to his people and let them know that he is very serious about wanting to get into business with them.

Marks leaves the money with Connor as a sign of trust.

Jax and Marks walk away together. August tells him that no matter how this turns out that the MC has done their part and that Tig is in the clear with them.

After a handshake, Marks tells Jax to keep an eye on his money.

Cleansing the Broken Soul

Back at Diosa, Nero and Gemma are discussing what just happened with Juice. Nero says that dropping that many Oxy may have just been the sign of someone wanting to get high, but he suspects that is that actions of someone who is not sure if they want to get up.

Gemma asks him to allow her to talk to Juice before him or one of his girls takes any of this to Jax.

Just as Gemma’s phone rings, Lyla walks over and tells them that Juice is starting to come around. Gemma grabs her phone and tells them that she will be right there.

It is Tara on the other end of the line. She tells Gemma that she needs help. She says that Bobby is bleeding again; that all his drinking has caused him to tear his stitches, and that all the guys are with Jax. She tells Gemma that she needs another pair of hands.

Now, unlike Gemma, we can all see that she is still sitting in her car, which means that this entire story is crap and that she is on her way to meet Patterson and looking for a way to cause a diversion from what she is really doing.

Tara asks Gemma if there is someone who can watch the boys while this all goes down as they can certainly not come there. Gemma tells her that the boys are at her house with Wayne. That is all the information Tara needed.

She tells Gemma to hurry. As soon as she hangs up the phone, Tara is on her way to pick up the boys and get the heck out of Charming.

Gemma tells Nero what is “going on” with Bobby and tells him that she has to head back to the cabin. Nero doesn’t exactly seem happy about it, but he understands.

Juice is still throwing up, as he unceremoniously does on Nero’s hand as he holds the trash can for him.

Nero tells Lyla that they should probably get Juice up and moving around, so they both get up and start to move Juice, but before they could get very far, one of the girls walks in a tells Lyla that they need her help downstairs as they are starting to fill up.

Nero tells her to go do her thing, and he helps to pull Juice out of bed.

Nero tells him that they are going to get him well.

Jax said it is what I had to do.” Juice says.

Oh, no…I don’t think getting this off of his chest is going to be as beneficial to him as he thinks it is.

Nero props Juice up against the wall and hold him there.

She was so pretty.” He says as he bobbles from side to side. “Who was?” Nero asks. “The kid’s mom.” Juice replies.

Oh, crap…this is not going to go well.

Nero asks him if it was him if it was him that killed Darvany. He asks him if Jax put that on him. Juice says yes and apologizes so many times. He crashes into Nero and begins to cry. Almost disgusted by what he just hard, he drops Juice and lets him fall to the floor. Juice quickly curls into a ball and begins to weep.

I have a feeling that the last little shred of belief that Nero had in his arrangement with the club just went out the window.

The Point of No Return

Back at Gemma’s house, Wayne and Wendy are in the front room playing with the boys when there is a knock at the door.

Wayne gets up to answer the door. It is Tara on the other side. She asks if Gemma is there.

Abel quickly runs into Tara’s arms exclaiming “Mommy!”

You can tell by the look on her face that Wendy is devastated that she does not have that kind of relationship with Abel.

Tara takes Abel by the hand and walks over to the table and picks up Thomas’ car seat. She heads towards the door when Unser steps in front of her and asks her where she is going.

She tells Unser that she is going to get some dinner. He tells her that he is going to have to drive her. At this point, Wendy gets up from the table.

She tells Wayne that she wants to spend some time alone with her sons. She tells him that he needs to move. He tells her that he can’t do that, and she knows that. Wendy asks Tara where she is going to take them.

After a pretty tense stair down, she puts Thomas’ carrier on the table, kisses Abel on the head, and turns his head to what is about to happen. With that, Tara pulls a gun on Unser. She tells him to tell Gemma that she pulled the gun on him and that he had no choice other than to let her take the boys.

Unser asks her just how far she thinks she is going to get. She tells him that she will be safe. He almost immediately puts it together that she has made a deal with the DA.

Wayne opens the door and motions for her to go. As Abel is about to make his way out the door, Wendy screams for him. She tells him that she is his real mother and that she loves him. Tara screams for her to shut up and back hands her across the face right in front of Abel.

While Abel may not be able to grasp everything that is going on, he does know that his mother just stuck his friend Wendy. Scared, Abel runs out the front door.

Thomas starts to cry as Tara tries to console him. She picks his carrier off of the table and heads for the door.

While Gemma is on the way out to the cabin, her phone begins to ring. All of a sudden she slams on the brakes and turns the car around. I think it is safe to say that is Unser on the phone.

The Good News

As night is finally beginning to fall, the club is still with Connor at the barn. Connor gets the phone call that he was waiting for.

He tells Jax that Rourke spoke to the others and they are willing to give August Marks a try. He says that they will see how the first shipment goes. Jax tells him that he is glad to hear it.

Connor tells Jax that it has been an interesting road; one that he is really looking forward to getting off of.

The two men shake hands. Connor tells Jax to take care.

Connor and the rest of his crew get into the car and take off. Jax is happy with the progress that they have made into getting out of the gun business.

Before the celebration can really begin, Jax’s phone begins to ring. I am sure that at this point it is not good news on the other line.

Damage Control

While in the car driving to wherever it is that they are going, Tara tells Abel that sometimes Mommies have to make really tough decisions to protect their children. She tells him that sometimes people don’t like that and it makes them say crazy things. In other words, she is trying to convince Abel that what Wendy said to him is a lie and that she is not Abel’s mother.

She tells Abel that everything she does is for him and Thomas. She tells him that is her job.

Not 100% sure what is going on, he agrees with a simple, “Ok.”

She asks him if they should sing some songs. He nods his head silently. She begins to sing the words to You Are My Sunshine to him.

Abel interrupts her and asks Tara if Daddy is going to be where they are going. Suddenly, she stops singing and a look of pain and worry takes over her face.

The Revelation

Back at Diosa, Nero has Juice back in bed, and places a cover over his nearly naked body. Lyla comes into the room and tells him that Gemma called and asked for Nero to meet her at Jax’s house. Lyla says that the matter sounded urgent.

He nods his head.

At Patterson’s office, they have been unable to reach Tara. Patterson is starting to get impatient. Tara should have been there a long time ago.

There is a knock at her office door, but it is only the Janitor. We see that it is almost 7:00 p.m. when Tara said she would be there by 6:00.

Then, we see Tara pull into this remote hotel. She helps Abel get his backpack on and they walk towards the door. Once inside Abel runs towards the television. He grabs the remote and jumps into the bed.

It is starting to storm outside. Tara heads over to the window, gazes out for a moment, and then closes the curtains behind her.

Back at home, Jax walks inside the house. He feverishly searches each and every room for any indication as to where his boys may be, but they are nowhere to be found.

In every room he goes in, he can see that there are things missing, Tara’s clothes in the closet are gone, the boys’ clothes in their drawers, it is all gone.

He rushes into Thomas’ room, but the scene is still the same; empty hangers in an empty room.

He ends his search in Abel’s room. Jax looks absolutely heartbroken. This is almost like the time that Jax found that Abel had been kidnapped by the Irish. He doesn’t even know what to make of the situation. When last he spoke with Tara, he felt as if they had made progress; however, I think he is starting to see what her apology really meant.

Just then, Gemma comes running into the room. She is equally as heartbroken that the boys are gone. Jax tells her that all of their stuff is gone; that Tara took his sons.

I saw Patterson at St. Thomas’.” Gemma says. “She must have made a deal.”

Jax can’t believe what he has heard. He starts to shake the dresser, almost shaking the thing apart. He takes the lamp off of the dresser and throws it to the wall shattering the picture frame on the wall. He throws the boys’ cubby holes into the wall as well. Jax is completely out of his mind over this.

Then again, what would you do when you think that you are doing every single thing that you need to do to make a better life for your family only to have it taken away by someone who has lied right to your face; someone who you thought loved you.

Back at Patterson’s office, the ATF Agent is preparing to leave. She tells him that she will have the Sheriff’s start looking for her.

In the darkness of the night sky, Tara lays in bed with her sons. Abel is sleeping silently as she is feeding Thomas.

Finally, Nero arrives at Jax’s house. Gemma tells him that Tara ran and took the boys with her.

For a split second, I thought that Nero was going to take this opportunity to take advantage of the situation and pay Jax back for what he had done to Darvany. Fortunately, I underestimated Nero’s character. He walks over to Jax and places his hands on his back, standing there silently.

Jax leans into Nero and they share a moment; one that could be perceived as one between a father and a son. I honestly think that in the short time that Gemma has been with Nero that he has had a more profound effect on Jax’s life than Clay could have ever hoped to have had. Well, if Clay ever cared, that is.


I have a very distinct feeling that once everything sinks in, this is going to turn into one hell of a bloodbath. Is there any chance that Jax will forgive Tara for what she has done? Can things ever go back to the way they once were? If not, what will Jax do with her when he finds her and his sons?

On the other hand, what is Nero going to do with the information that he got from Juice? What will Jax do when he finds out that Juice ultimately betrayed him by telling club business to someone outside of SAMCRO?

While this episode has provided us with some answers, it has most definitely created more questions than anything.

There is only one more episode left in what could be the next to last season of Sons of Anarchy. This means that every single secret, every lie, and every last betrayal will come to light in the next episode.

If what Ron Perlman said on Twitter holds any weight, the next episode is sure to be incredibly bloody. One can only assume that Jax will be on the warpath after what has happened today.

I am sure that there will be conjecture and theory made over the course of the next week by Sons of Anarchy fans all over the world; however, there is only one person who holds the key to the truth right now, and that is show creator Kurt Sutter. His pure genius makes people both love and hate him at the same time. This is the true sign of a master of his craft, and a truly creative artist.

Maybe I am reading just a little too much into this, but I think the fact that next episode is the thirteenth episode on the same week as Friday the 13th plays into a little foreshadowing on what is to come.

I guess we’ll all have to watch next week to see if I am right.

While we the fans begin the long wait until next Tuesday, let’s take a look at the preview for next week’s Season Finale of Sons of Anarchy.

Make sure to check back with us next week as we take a look at the Season 6 Finale of Sons of Anarchy entitled “A Mother’s Work.”

Sons of Anarchy airs on Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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