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Terminator 5 Narrows Sarah Connor Casting Search to 'Game of Thrones' Star and Brie Larson

Earlier last month we heard rumblings that Terminator 5 was narrowing it’s list of actresses in consideration for the Sarah Connor role. But while the last check saw as many as three or four actresses on the short list, Deadline is reporting that the list has gotten even shorter with Paramount eyeing Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke and Short Term 12 star Brie Larson as the two finalists.

Both actresses were likely going to be the finalists as both are rising stars in Hollywood. For Larson, she’s been trying to carve out her place on the A-list for some time now with roles in a range of projects like the Showtime series The United States of Tara to the comedy 21 Jump Street. But her biggest swing at stardom came in this year’s indie hit Short Term 12, which won her Best Actress at the Gotham Awards.

Of the two though, Clarke is probably the most well known to a wide audience thanks to her breakthrough role on Game of Thrones. But aside from that role, which launched her career, Clarke has failed to come up with anything else to separate herself from the HBO show. Winning the lead in Terminator 5 seems like it would be that role and Clarke would no longer be in danger of being considered a one-trick pony actress.

Both actresses are more than deserving of the role, and if nothing else it’s good to see healthy competition between two young actresses in Hollywood even it’s for yet another reboot.

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