Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson in Season 4 Episode 10 of 'Boardwalk Empire'. Photo Credit: HBO

Boardwalk Empire Season 5 To Be Final Season of HBO Show?

We’re fresh off of seeing the final episode from season four of the hit HBO show Boardwalk Empire, but might we be down to the final episodes of the show for good? That seems like it might be the case after some interesting information was posted from ScreenCrush and Uproxx about the end of the series.

Now, before we throw ourselves into a hot mess over they idea of losing Boardwalk Empire after only five seasons, there hasn’t been anything official about the end of the show coming from HBO, but the rumblings being heard suggest that something may be coming out soon. Both ScreenCrush, Uproxx and other media outlets are running with a quote from a 4Chan report stating the end is near for Boardwalk Empire. 

It’s not official yet. It’s just rumblings I’ve heard throughout the office. First it was 10 episodes, then maybe 9 and now I believe they’ve settled on 8. This probably won’t be announced for some time until HBO figures out their schedule and budgets I’m sure but I’ve been told that 5 will be the last season.

Now, while many are running with this quote, let’s not forget that hilariously bogus Full House rumor that was picked up by everyone even though it was false. There was also the false Bryan Cranston signing on for Batman vs. Superman report that wasn’t vetted by Rolling Stone, so just because it’s published a bunch of times doesn’t mean it’s totally true.

But taking the “insider scoop” angle out of the mix here, it would make sense for HBO to want to possibly end the series before it outlives itself. We saw Breaking Bad end after five seasons when the show was not only one of the most popular and well written shows on television, but it could have lasted forever, albeit not at the high quality it ended with.

The same might go for Boardwalk Empire, so even if the report ends up going nowhere, the end of the series in the near future might be something fans want to consider even if nobody wants to.



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