Nov 30, 2013; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Braxton Miller (5) celebrates with teammates after defeating the Michigan Wolverines 42-41at Michigan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State favored by 1.5 over Auburn is still the averaged opinion by Vegas bookmakers


As laid out here by R.J. Bell of ESPN and Grantland, Las Vegas bookmakers believe the Ohio State Buckeyes is still a slight favorite over the Auburn Tigers.  While there will always be claims of bias and everything else, Vegas bookmakers do not care about conferences, schedules or anything else.  They just look at who is the best team and set their lines.  Some have even gone as far as calling for Vegas to replace the BCS rankings system because they are believed to be more accurate.


Vegas bookmakers still have Alabama as the best team in the country as its overall favorite in any matchup.  Florida State is the team that comes the closest to matching up against them.

Taking every other part of the process out of it including winning the SEC Championship, Las Vegas bookmakers still essentially would be picking a National Championship between Alabama and Florida State in terms of pitting the two best teams on talent against each other.

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  • TheMeInTeam

    The last sentence is a very good reason why Las Vegas bookmakers should NOT pick the teams that play for the championship (not that there aren’t many other reasons). They’re right that Alabama might still be the best team in college football and would likely beat Auburn/Ohio State/Florida State the majority of the time if they played 10 games against each, but it doesn’t matter. The only way any sport works is that you have to respect the results on the field. You only get one shot (2011 excluded), and Alabama blew it.