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Steve Ott reportedly willing to remain with Buffalo Sabres

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None of the impending free agents of the Buffalo Sabres will comment on whether or not they’d like to remain with the team beyond this season. None of them except for Steve Ott, who has expressed a desire to remain with the club beyond this season. Chris Johnston of Sportsnet.ca spoke to Buffao’s captain about his future yesterday, and the forward had this to say:

You’ve got to look at it: Who are your assets? We understand the whole asset side of things. Myself, (Miller) and (Moulson) are the unrestricted guys in this dressing room, and we’re going to probably cause a little stir because of where we are—in a rebuilding atmosphere we’re usually guys (the team) will get pieces for. Otherwise, that’s bad business.

According to Johnston, Ott believes that Buffalo’s rebuild could be pushed a long a bit quicker than expected because of owner Terry Pegula’s willingness to spend money to fix problems.

That same willingness to throw cash around is part of what got the Sabres into trouble to begin with though. Ville Leino has one of the most inflated contracts in the league and Christian Ehrhoff hasn’t been as good as advertised. Both were big-ticket buys when Pegula came on board as the owner, so if the team tries to spend its way out of the problem then the situation could be the same for years to come.

Still, Johnston says the Ott wants to remain a Sabre and mentions that the 31-year-old enjoys living in Buffalo. The Sabres don’t have a general manager at the moment so nothing is imminent, but it will be interesting to see what the team does with its aging free agents moving forward.

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