Family Guy will bring back Brian Griffin on December 15th



Ladies and Gentlemen, Family Guy will be bringing back our beloved Brian Griffin later on this month.

That’s right, the writers are listening to the fans and will be bringing him back one way or another according to Now that episode they aired a couple weeks ago where Brian died was a bit tragic. Yeah it was a cartoon, but nobody expected Seth MacFarlane and the writers to do something so crazy.

Each one of these characters has their own personalities and things about them that stand out to different people. I know post people see Peter Griffin as their favorite, but I have to rank Brian as my favorite out of the entire cast.

The feels that were experienced from that episode where Brian died will never ever go away. The way the Family Guy team came together and put this tragedy together was beautiful, but irritating at the same time.

Why couldn’t it be Meg?!

I wasn’t really feeling the new character who I think is played by Tony Sirico aka Peter Paul ‘Paulie’ Gualtieri from The Sopranos. Even though I’m a fan of that guy, he needs to stay away from Brian Griffin and Family Guy. No disrespect to Sirico.

The episode that will feature the return of Brian will be entitled “Christmas Guy”. So I’m guessing Brian’s return will be some sort of ‘Christmas Miracle’ and may be some sort of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ like episode.

We’ll just have to wait and see but for right now, I’m pretty excited.

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