Golden Globes 2014: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler Sing Off-Key Intro in First Promo (Video)

There aren’t two funnier people in Hollywood than Tina Fey and Amy Poehler when they get together. The former SNL duo graced us with their adorable and hilarious friendship last year during the Golden Globes and as a result the comedy team has been tapped for the next two award shows over the next two years.

That means this year we get a reunion between Fey and Poehler and if their hosting job is anything like the first promo for the show that was released, we’re all clearly in for another great time.

Awards shows always run the risk of being absolutely insufferable but if you find the right host to MC the event, things tend to go over a lot smoother. Billy Crystal and Steve Martin proved this about the Oscars and it seems as though Fey and Poehler are the perfect dup to keep the Globes fresh and interesting.

Last year the duo followed up a polarizing two years where Ricky Gervais served as host, but while Gervais was just ribbing Hollywood because he knew he’d never get as good a chance again, Fey and Poehler showed you could nibble the hand that feeds you while still getting to be darlings afterwords.

The Golden Globes will be hosted by Fey and Poehler January 12th on NBC.

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