Disney Acquires Full Rights to Indiana Jones; Plans on Releasing Future Movies

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Last year when Disney struck the biggest deal in recent cinema history and purchased the rights to Star Wars from George Lucas, one of the aspects of the deal we forgot about was that Indiana Jones and all of those film rights were included. So it should come as no surprise that today Disney announced that they have signed a deal to produce and distribute new Indiana Jones movies sometime in the near future.

The rights to Indiana Jones weren’t solely belonging to George Lucas as Paramount was the studio that helped distribute the film that Lucas and Steven Spielberg created. But Disney worked out a deal today that gave them the full rights to Indiana Jones which means Mickey Mouse can hang on your Christmas tree dressed as both Darth Vader and Short Round from Temple of Doom and no one can say a word about it. 

But the meat of the deal is that Disney can now produce future Indiana Jones movies and they seem to be fully intending to do that. According to Deadline, Paramount isn’t left in the dust with the new deal, but the future of Indiana Jones is fully in Disney’s hands.

A fifth film hasn’t yet been confirmed by Disney, and we shouldn’t expect them to rush one into development with the studio currently hung up on their massive Star Wars push. But Harrison Ford has been coming out publicly recently, hankering for another Indiana Jones movie so he can relive his youth and Disney wouldn’t strike a future feature deal for the franchise if they didn’t intend on releasing a fifth film sometime in the near future.

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