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NHL Highlights: Kari Lehtonen robs James van Riemsdyk (Video)

The NHL has a new human highlight reel, and it’s Kari Lehtonen. It seems like every time the netminder takes to the ice for the Dallas Stars he manages to make a miraculous, odds-defying save. Last night was no exception as the Stars took on the Toronto Maple Leafs. Toronto ices some very capable scorers including James van Riemsdyk.

“JVR” was setting up shop in front of Lehtonen when a shot from Carl Gunnarsson found its way through from the blue line. The Stars netminder got a pad on the initial shot, but kicked the rebound out to van Riemsdyk, who already has 12 goals this season. And he was looking for number 13.

How Lehtonen managed to flash his right pad out that quickly is almost beyond reason. It isn’t a bicycle kick save or anything along those lines, but the presence of mind here is phenomenal. He makes not one save on the rebound, but two and the Stars were able to clear the zone because of his effort.

Unfortunately, Lehtonen was otherwise pretty unspectacular in this contest and ended up eating a 3-2 overtime loss as a result. He made 21 saves on 24 shots en route to the loss. There’s no denying this beauty of a save though.

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