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Shea Weber to resume practicing (with a visor) today

Last time we saw Shea Weber of the Nashville Predators he was quickly skating off the ice on November 28 after getting hit in the eye by a deflected puck. He’ll resume practicing for the Predators this morning, and he’ll reportedly be wearing a visor to protect his eyes.

For whatever reason, that’s noteworthy.

Regardless of Weber’s choices when it comes to what he does and doesn’t wear on his head during hockey games, Nashville badly needs its leading goal scorer back in the lineup. Since Weber’s injury, the team has dropped three consecutive games by a combined score of 11-5.

It’s obvious and surprising in no way that the Predators are badly missing their captain in all aspects of the game. Their defense isn’t nearly the same without Weber out on the ice for 26 minutes a night, the power play limps along and the attack through the neutral zone isn’t quite the same either.

Frankly, Nashville doesn’t have enough offense to motor along without a guy like Weber, but neither do a lot of squads in the NHL. He’s an All-Word defenseman, and it’s excellent to hear that he’s making progress towards returning for the Predators.

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