Stephen King Joins Twitter, Immediately Creeps Things up and Gets Writer's Block

Horror author and career lazy-eyed weirdo Stephen King is officially on Twitter to creep up timelines everywhere. The acclaimed and best-selling author joined Twitter today, and immediately weirded us out by talking about his Twitter virginity among other things.

He’s only tweeted twice since joining Twitter earlier on Friday afternoon, but the famed writer attributes this to writer’s block.

It’s actually pretty surprising that it took King this long to join Twitter as he’s been a champion of new media for years. Despite other authors railing against the very idea of e-books and non-traditional ways of reading books, King was on the forefront of the movement all the way back in 2000 when he published one of the first fossils of the e-book era.

In almost no time, King has amassed nearly 100,000 followers on his account that Twitter minted as ‘verified’ not long after it was created. Not that anyone sits in front of their Twitter timeline all day reading away, but having King on social media is something that somehow improves all of our lives.

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