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UFC Fight Night 33 results: Ryan Bader completely dominates Anthony Perosh en route to UD

Ryan Bader and Anthony Perosh will face off in a Light Heavyweight battle tonight. Both men have knockout power, so it seems that a violent finish is inevitable.

Former TUF winner, Ryan Bader (15-4), has been KO’ed in two of his last four fights at the hands of Lyoto Machida and Glover Teixeira. Bader was incredibly close to KO’ing Glover himself, but he left himself open for a big counter right hook that put him out. He will look to get back to his winning ways tonight against Perosh.

Perosh (14-7) has fought a total of 21 seconds in his last two bouts. In the first bout, he was KO’ed by Ryan Jimmo on the first punch of the fight. The fight was called to a stop 7 seconds in. In his next bout, Perosh KO’ed Vinny Magalhaes in 14 seconds in incredible fashion. Will this fight last longer than his previous two?

Round 1:  Touch gloves to start. Perosh rushes in and eats a counter left, and is dropped. He gets up, and rushes in again. Body kick from Bader, and short uppercuts from Bader. Perosh is rocked and Bader is pouring it on with ground and pound. Perosh gets to his feet, but eats another huge uppercut, and I do not know how he is surviving. Moments later, Perosh stuns Bader with a right. Bader gets the takedown and is landing some heavy ground and pound. Bader is landing at will on the mat, but Perosh is surviving. Elbow from Bader. Bader had the arm trapped, but let it go and Perosh is trying to get to hi s fee and does. Bader looks very composed tonight. Jab misses for Bader, but then lands. Perosh with a another 1-2 rushing in, but Bader gets the takedown off of it. Big elbow from Bader. Perosh is bleeding badly as Bader jumps in with a right. Brutal elbows from Bader. 10-9 Bader. Perosh has a lot of heart for surviving.

Round 2: Stinging jab from Bader. Perosh is moving in with straight punches, but Bader is effectively countering with takedowns and strikes. Perosh is on his back against the fence again. Side control for Bader and a knee to the body. Elbows from Bader. Over and over with the elbows. Perosh can not do anything from his back. Perosh is just eating everything from Ryan Bader, but the output is not enough to finish the fight. Big diving left hook and right hook from Bader. Elbows to the body from Bader. This has to be a 10-8 round, because Perosh has literally done nothing. Perosh’s face is a mess as Bader continues with ground and pound. More elbows from Bader as the round ends. 10-8 Bader for complete domination and control.

Round 3: Perosh rushes in again, and is once again countered and stunned by Bader. Bader is again on top of Perosh and elbowing him in the face. Perosh is trying to get back to his feet, but Bader’s pressure is relentless. This was an absolutely dreadful matchup. Anthony Perosh can not hang with Ryan Bader at all. This round is more of the same from Ryan Bader with big shots every other moment, and Perosh unable to get to his feet. Finally, Perosh gets up, but Bader takes him down and is really pouring it on. This fight should be stopped. Perosh is bleeding terribly, and this is just brutal. Blood all over the place. Perosh’s face is an absolute mess. More elbows from Bader as he momentarily gets mount. Perosh is eating more punches and the final bell rings. Bader dished out an unbelievable amount of punishment in that fight. 10-8 Bader again easily.

Official Decision: Ryan Bader defeats Anthony Perosh by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Here is a GIF of the action:

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Credit: Zombie Prophet



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