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Invicta FC 7 results: Lauren Murphy beats Miriam Nakamoto for bantamweight title via TKO (injury)

In the co-main event of Invicta FC 7, Lauren Murphy and Miriam Nakamoto squared off in a main event bout for the inaugural bantamweight title. With an exciting match up between Tecia Torres and Felice Herrig, Murphy and Nakamoto had a lot to live up to and they were ready to deliver.

Round 1: Murphy was the more active fighter out of the great as she looked to avoid standing flat-footed in Nakamoto’s range. Nakamoto was doubling up on her jabs early, while Murphy continued to bounce around the cage. Nakamoto’s jab was landing and her precise striking was allowing her to control the range in the early going. Murphy engaged the clinch, but Nakamoto was able to separate after landing an elbow in close. As Murphy vounced around, Nakamoto was chopping down her leg with vicious leg kicks that were taking their toll on her opponet as they began to pile up.

Nakamoto was baiting Murphy to come in by leaving her chin exposed and leaning in, but Murphy ignored the taunting and charged in for the clinch. Murphy pushed Nakamoto’s back against the cage, before Nakamoto landed a beautiful throw to briefly land on top. The two fighters made their way back to their feet for the final twenty seconds of the round, which Nakamoto closed out with another slick elbow. Nakamoto looked to have the Round 1 edge.

Round 2: Nakamoto was patient in Round2 while Murphy continued to dance around the cage, but the movement didn’t confuse anyone. Murphy was able to get an opportunity when Nakamoto fell to the ground, but she quickly bounced back up and no damage was done. Once the fight got back to their feet, Nakamoto continued her assault on the lead leg of Murphy. Action was temporarily halted thanks to a groin strike from Murphy, but the fight quickly restarted and the women once again returned to the center of the cage. Murphy failed a takedown attempt with just over a minute in the second and the round ended with the two women exchanging strikes at a distance. Nakamoto made her way to the corner with a busted up and bloody nose.

Round 3: Nakamoto and Murphy clinched to start the third round of action and there wasn’t much happening for the first two minutes. Murphy was pressuring Nakamoto up against the cage and not threatening with any attack. Murphy eventually threw some knees to the legs of Nakamoto and Nakamoto was unable to get her back off of the cage with Murphy’s pressure. Murphy eventually landed a takedown and landed on top of Nakamoto with a minute and a half to go, where she finally let her hands go to attempt some ground-and-pound. Nakamoto rolled out of the bottom position, but Murphy took her bout before landing another takedown to get the fight back down to the mat. Murphy looked like a different fighter in a dominant Round 3 performance.

Round 4: In between rounds, Nakamoto revealed to her corner that she had a right knee injury and she contemplated throwing in the towel, but Nakamoto decided to keep on fighting. Unfortunately, Nakamoto didn’t last long and her leg gave out as the reg jumped in to call a stop to the action.

Official Decision:  Lauren Murphy def. Miriam Nakamoto via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) in Round 4


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