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Rebecca Black releases squeal to 'Friday' called 'Saturday' (Video)

If you didn’t get enough of Rebecca Black the first time around when she posted a video called ‘Friday’ on YouTube back in 2011, then you’re in luck. The viral singing star is back with another song to try and milk her YouTube fame for all it’s worth, as Black has released a sequel to ‘Friday’ called ‘Saturday’.

No, this isn’t some weird Matrix dream world, it’s just real life and actually Saturday. Black chose today to launch her new song and video which follows up on the events that happened in her last video where she just couldn’t wait for the weekend to start. In this new song, Black plays off the chorus from her first song and tells us she doesn’t want the weekend to end.

Shame on us for doubting Black’s appeal to because after only a few hours of being live, the video has close to half-a-million views on YouTube and it seems to only be rising by the hour. By comparison, Black’s viral video for Friday is currently sitting at well over 61 million views after two years of being on the internet.

The funny and sad thing about it is, this song actually sounds like a pop song you could hear on the radio, which either says a lot about Rebecca Black or very little about pop music — or both.

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