SpaghettiO's wants you to remember Pearl Harbor attack by eating SpaghettiO's (Photo)

Today marked the somber anniversary of the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Empire. The images and accounts from that day have been engrained into the psyche of the American public and still 72 years after the fact it’s truly a day we will never forget.With the emergence of social media, people tend to remember these somber occasions differently, as some folks created hashtags that went viral, others posted photos of their grandfather’s uniform from that day and the folks at SpaghettiOs posted a photo of their idiot mascot holding an American flag.

That’s right, if you really want to remember the brave men that died at Pearl Harbor, punch open a can of salty, saturated SpaghettiOs and pledge allegiance to the flag. At least, that’s the message everyone on Twitter got when the official account for SpaghettiOs tweeted a photo before they thought about what it was they were tweeting.

Now, the dopey logo is just holding the American flag, it’s not dedicating on it or burning it. But still, really SpaghettiOs — really? This isn’t the worst thing to ever be posted to Twitter but it’s classic example of someone not thinking before they tweet something.

Companies and official corporate Twitter accounts seem plagued by the misjudgment of whatever intern is running the account, and we saw yet another example of that today with this ill-themed tweet. Not the worst thing in the world but hardly something we would define as a smart move.


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