Family Guy debuts new intro that replaces Brian Griffin with new dog named Vinny


It’s been a few weeks since the hit FOX show Family Guy decided to kill off a popular character and replace him with a new one. Brian Griffin was killed off back at the end of November and was replaced in the same episode by a new dog named Vinny, voiced by The Sopranos actor Tony Sirico. Tonight we saw the first new episode since Brian’s death and fans in denial about the character being killed off the show won’t be happy.

This week, a new opening credits scene was introduced that replaced Brian with Vinny.

Now, people are taking the death of a fictional alcoholic dog who could talk pretty hard and while there are rumors that Brian will be coming back for a Christmas episode, the new intro to the show seems to suggest this change might be more permanent than we thought. There’s also a chance that this is all some sort of Andy Kaufman-style prank where the show goes as far as they can to punk its audience into thinking something is true before they go back on it.

You have to believe that Seth MacFarlane is somewhere laughing to himself as fans flock to the internet to try and find future episodes that confirm Brian is coming back. MacFarlane is like a guy pushing someone’s button and no matter what happens, he’ll deflect it with another false-truth. That’s not to say Brian isn’t actually dead, but it’s clear MacFarlane knows how to have fun at his audience’s expense.

Next week’s Christmas episode is the episode where Brian is supposed to come back and people can’t stop talking about it. This means a lot of people will be watching and ratings will likely be very high — well played MacFarlane, well played.

Do you think Brian is actually dead and gone forever? Sound off in the comments section and let us know.

  • reduolf

    They change the intro all the time. Remember that one where one of the dancers interrupted it and told Peter she was pregnant? It’s a bit weird, but they’ll most likely change it back the moment Brian returns. Brian isn’t gone forever, no way!