2014 NFL Mock Draft: Current first-round draft projections

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Apr 26, 2012; New York, NY, USA; A general view of the 2012 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

There is less than a month remaining in the 2013-14 NFL regular season, which means we are starting to get a firm idea of how the landscape of the league is going to play out.

The Houston Texans and Washington Redskins are currently battling for the worst record in the league, which means one of the two teams could find themselves atop the 2014 NFL Draft order at the end of the year.

Unfortunately for Washington, they traded away their first-round selection to the St. Louis Rams, who will now have two first-rounders when the 2014 draft rolls around.

Currently, Houston holds the No. 1 pick, but we still have plenty of football left to play.

Where is your team drafting and who could be on their radar?

Here is the latest 2014 NFL Mock Draft:

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  • Moxie Dawn

    Why in the world would I, as a Browns fan, ever be excited to see us draft a quarterback with our abysmal record of QB drafts in the past 15 years?

    • joshsanchez

      Because it needs to get better than Campbell/Weeden/Hoyer or there is no chance of ever winning.

      • Moxie Dawn

        Honey, I know it does. I think you missed my point. Yeah, we need a quarterback, but with our QB draft record the feeling is more of inevitable doom than excitement when we draft one.

        • joshsanchez

          Ah, okay. I see what you are asking now. Drafting Carr is a perfect fit for Chud’s offense. Carr has the strong arm you need to push the ball down field, he is an incredible leader and put together mentally upstairs and he has plenty of experience.

          The biggest thing that sets him apart from the other QBs Cleveland has drafted is his maturity and his approach to the game: http://abclocal.go.com/kfsn/story?id=9308760

        • Gary Stewart

          these are new management choosing your picks the goofs that picked weeden are gone and unless you want another pick gone bad you need to get into the top 3

    • Gary Stewart

      moxie maybe your browns could trade the pick you get and the one you also get from indy late first round to move up and take the rams pick which should be #2 or 3 if its number 3 you may not have to give up next years first we shall see

      • QB4Cle

        If the Browns can get Carr w/o trading up, why should they do what you suggest? If they can’t get Carr, then they should trade down for a 1st rounder next year or more picks this year, then take someone like McCarron or Mettenberger (yes I know he’s hurt) as a developement project and see what comes next year. I also think they should be thinking about Kenny Guiton as a late pick or undrafted FA.

        • Gary Stewart

          if the management is sold on the idea of carr you wouldnt need to trade down if you have #5 most likely but if you have #6 or #7 would you feel comfortable waiting for jax or oak or tb to pass on carr?? and while browns and rams are almost always rebuilding, could the gm and coach afford to wait another year to get the franchise qb?

  • Mike Letsgetreadyto Rundle

    As a Vikings fan, I do not want to see them draft Manziel! He is not better than Cassel or Ponder, nor will he ever be better than those two!

    • Gary Stewart

      you are right manziel is not your guy you are gonna need a solid arm and the ability in your division to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball downfield the problem is there are no andrew lucks in this draft unless you combine hundley out of ucla and the carr kid both of which you dont need a number 1 pick to secure with teddy b clowney barr at LB and matthews at tackle being the 4 most coveted in the mock drafts it sounds like minn has a great chance at hundley if he comes out and if not and you dont trade up one of those top 4 prospects will fall to you cause someone will have to jump and pick carr either way you cant lose at 5th overall IMO and i am a rams fan not a homer or a hater

  • wachscraig


  • u tell me

    As a Jets fan i can agree with this when it say we need a receiver. I still have question about Geno but then i look at our receivers and can only put so little of the blame on Geno

  • Matt Pen

    Hahaha, whoever put this colum together is pretty funny. Do you think Houston is really going to take a QB, even more hilarious,s TEDDY BRIDGEWATER? Haha, this column brightened my dad with humor.

    • LGB

      Instead of nay saying. What position or who do you think the Texans should go after? Is Keenum the answer at QB?

    • Gary Stewart

      he hasnt announced his intentions yet but if i were a houston fan i would trade down get some picks and still pick up hundley out of ucla he has the size arm and can run and he actually delivers the blow when he runs. and i believe if he comes out you could get him in the top 10 range so a trade down with a team that thinks bridgewater is a savior gets you more picks and still a great qb

  • djgreen4321

    I would like to see the Rams trade out of their pick from Washington for a 1st next year and a 2nd this year.
    1) Ryan Shazier – OLB, Ohio State
    2) Justin Gilbert – CB, OKState
    2) James Hurst – OT, UNC
    3) L’Damien Washington – WR, Mizzou
    4) Craig Loston – S, LSU
    5) James White – HB, Wisconsin
    6) Mister Cobble – DT, Kentucky

    7) Kevin Pierre-Louis – S/OLB, Boston College

    • Gary Stewart

      the rams may trade out of their pick but it will be for more than a 2nd this year and a future #1 it will take 2 firsts and a second this year or future to get the number 2 overall pick if wash wins again and the pick falls to number 3 my guess is cleveland would trade their pick (about 6th and the indy pick they hold at about 25th for a chance to grab a qb). and if the o lineman matthews or the lb barr is still avail i am pretty sure the rams would pull the trigger on that one knowing they still would have about another top 12 pick and the top 25 pick to get a safety and a cb after getting either barr or matthews as for other rounds the one pick ive seen i really like is aj mc carron in the 2nd or 3rd and if my scenario plays out we would still have all those picks available at the time of the draft

  • Thomas Eric

    Bills will draft a receiver or corner back two biggest needs right now not a linebacker

  • taylor

    Regarding the Bills slide, how can you say “the bills didn’t address their pass rush last offseason” and use that as justification for the pick. They’re #1 in sacks right now.

    • Jake Gensler

      EXACTLY! Every mock i have read has Buffalo taking Mack. I like Mack, but why would we take him if a guy like Mike Evans is available. Buffalo needs better weapons! Graham is useless, Stevie is playing at a medium level and Chandler is just Chandler. Imagine Evans, Woods, Goodwin, Stevie and our great RB’s.

  • DelRoy Waters

    -Raiders 2014 Draft-
    1. Khalil Mack OLB Buffalo or Anthony Barr OLB UCLA
    2. Aaron Donald DT Pittsburgh
    3. Gabe Jackson OG Mississippi State
    4. Arthur Lynch TE Georgia
    6. Antone Exum CB Virginia Tech
    7. Dri Archer WR Kent State

  • QB4Cle

    I like the idea of Carr early and Evans late. I doubt it will play out that way, but if it does, I will be very happy. Then if they add an impact RB in the 2nd round, I will be in heaven :)

  • mattyb

    Lions Mock

    trade down in the first and pick up an extra 2nd and possibly third.

    1. Kyle Van Noy
    2a. Jared Abbrederis
    2b. Aaron Donald
    3a. Weston Richburg
    3b. Ty Zimmerman
    4. Max Bullough
    6. Cairo Sanzos
    7. Dexter McDougle

  • Jake Gensler

    I am amazed at the amount of mock drafts that have Buffalo still taking Khalil Mack. These people who write these things must not watch any Bills games because if they did they would know that the Bills have arguably the BEST pass rush in the NFL. Buffalo needs to find a BIG, PHYSICAL, STRONG receiver for Manuel to target and let him just go up and get it. We have all seen what a player like that can do for a team. AJ Green, Julio Jones, Alshon Jeffery, all guys who have repaid their teams with BIG plays and all players who Buffalo has past on in the draft. So who is a guy like this who may be in the ’14 draft, hmmmmmmm… MIKE EVANS?!?!?! If Buffalo passes on him, it would be a major mismanagement of this team and Buffalo would deserve to not make the playoffs for another 15 years!!