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‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Episode 8 Recap ‘The Sacred Taking’

The witches of Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies are back tonight. This week’s episode of American Horror Story: Coven is what I like to call a catalyst episode. Things are happening right now that are about to change the dynamic of the entire series. Those who we thought we knew are turning out to be completely different people. With only one more episode until the Christmas break, you can bet that things are going to heat up before it is all said and done. So, let’s take a look at this week’s all-new episode of American Horror Story: Coven entitled ‘The Sacred Taking.’

A Different Kind of Witch

Oh, Queenie…how could you? As tonight’s episode opens up, we see Queenie walking by herself through a dark, dismal area of town. Sirens are going off all around her. It looks as if she is scouting for something. As she is walking through, she’s approached by a homeless man who starts making threats against her. He approaches her with a hammer in his hand and tells her that she doesn’t go home until he says so.

Fortunately for Queenie, and not so fortunately for the man, he doesn’t know Queenie too well.

She backs away from him, almost like she is afraid for her life. That is, until she finds a board with a few nails sticking out of it.

The man still encroaches, thinking a woman couldn’t possibly overpower him. Then, she takes the board and rams the nails deep into her hand. Suddenly, the man’s hand starts to bleed profusely. Thank goodness for her power of transference.

Perplexed by what just happened, he asked her what she did. She tells him it is what she does as she slams him over the head with the board.

At this exact moment, Madison and Zoe walk up on her and ask her what she is doing. Of course, Queenie doesn’t believe that they understand. She tells them that this is voodoo, something they wouldn’t understand. They tell her that she is a witch and that they need her back in the Coven.

She tells them that Marie Laveau set her straight, and that they were never her friends. Queenie pulls out a knife with a menacing look on her face. She tells them that it isn’t for them, at least not yet. She tells them that Marie Laveau is looking for a dark heart, and that she is going to give her one. You see, the man that attacked Queenie is wanted for numerous atrocities, so he fits Marie’s bill quite nicely.

She tells them that Marie is making a potion that is going to make her powers stronger. She asks them if Fiona has ever done that for any of them.

Voodoo, witchcraft, this town ain’t big enough for the two of us.” Queenie says. “War is coming, and you’re gonna lose.” She says as she holds the man’s still-beating heart in her hand.

The Ailing Supreme

Fiona goes on to describe what it is that is ailing her. She suffers from meningeal carcinomatosis. This is means that tiny seedlings of the tumor have implanted themselves in the lining of her spine; something that causes agonizing pain. Fiona describes it as being dipped in the river Styx and all the suffering of all the souls that ever were or will be have soaked her body.

She seems to have actually fallen in love with The Axeman. They lay in bed together talking as if they’ve known each other forever.

He constantly tells her how beautiful she is. She tells him that if he likes the way she looks so much to take a picture. According her, pretty soon she’ll be a bald, toothless, skeleton.

He asks her to run away with him, but she tells him that she doesn’t want him to watch her decay. At one point, he asks her if she ever considered ending it. She tells him that she wouldn’t give the others the satisfaction of her killing herself. Fiona says that she stays alive just to spite them.

She tells him that the reason her condition is worsening so quickly is because one of the witches in the Coven is coming into her own. All she needs to do is figure out which one of them it is.

At this point, it could be anyone.

Time to Repent

It appears that Luke has gone home to his mother. She is cleaning out one the wound her got courtesy of the Axe on Halloween. She is saying all sorts of nasty things about Nan and the Coven.

He tries to explain to her that they did not do anything wrong to him, and that Nan saved his life. She slaps him across the face and tells him that the only person who can save him is Jesus.

She tells him that before this can happen, he must repent; he must cleanse himself of all his impurities.

His mother mixes a solution of water and household cleaner and pours it into a hot water bottle. She tells him that he must be cleansed from the inside out.

She makes him take off his pants and get into the tub. She then hangs the bag above her head and hands a hose to him. For some reason, I just don’t want to know what he had to do with that hose.

The Battle Plan

Back at the Academy, Cordelia is sitting at the table with Zoe and Madison. Nan comes running into the room telling them that his mother is hurting him.

Cordelia immediately tells her to sit down and block out everything outside of that room.

She tells the girls that losing Queenie was a terrible loss, but from now on she is dead to her. Cordelia tells them that they have to come up with a battle plan.

Zoe says that it begins with killing Fiona. Just then, the doorbell starts to ring.  Madison says that it should be her who gets to do it. She says she wants to slit Fiona’s throat.

Cordelia tells her that she must stay hidden until the time is right. She says that they will only get one shot at this; otherwise it turns into a suicide mission.

The doorbell starts to ring again.

Where the hell is Spalding?” she asks. “Delphine? What the hell happened to the staff in this house?” she says.

Apparently, Cordelia isn’t as on top of things as she thinks.

Zoe rushes to get the door. It’s Misty. Misty tells Zoe that she has to save her. She speaks of an assassin that came in the middle of the night.

We flashback to the night before, and we see Misty sleeping soundly in her bed when sure enough a shadow appears over her head. It would turn out that this shadow is the recently resurrected Myrtle Snow. She tells Misty that there is someone circling the house with a gun.

When Misty realizes that the cicadas have stopped singing, she realizes that they need to get out of there, and fast. Just in time too, as gunshots rang out striking the exact same spot that Misty’s body once occupied.

She tells Zoe that they stayed in the swamp for the night to ensure that the assailant had gone.

Cordelia finally makes her way to the door and asks Zoe who it was. Zoe tells her that it is a witch who seeks sanctuary.

Cordelia takes Misty by the hand. Suddenly, she sees all of Misty’s past; her burning at the stake, her rebirth, and everything leading up to where they are now. Cordelia acknowledges who Misty is and assures her that she is now a part of their coven, and under the protection of such. She tells Misty that this is her house as well.

Misty asks her if her friend can stay as well. She tells Cordelia that she left her out in the greenhouse.

Cordelia and the girls accompany Misty to the greenhouse. Cordelia calls out and says that whoever is there is amongst friends.

Of course I am, Cordelia; so long as Fiona isn’t with you.” Myrtle says.

Cordelia can’t believe her eyes. She tells Myrtle that she thought that she would never see her again. Myrtle tells her that is a poor choice of words given Cordelia’s current state, but that with the way she looks right now, maybe that is a good thing.

Cordelia explains to Myrtle about the hard times that the Coven has fallen on as of late; however, Myrtle sees things a little differently. She feels that they may be in the middle of the best of times.

Myrtle explains that the power of resurrection is a great feat than any of the seven wonders. She says that more than one of their witches have been brought back to life by one person; Misty Day. She then proclaims that Misty is destined to be the new Supreme of the Coven.

The Productive Member of Society

Zoe is in the bedroom with Kyle. In his hand, he holds a laptop with a children’s education program on it. He looks into her eyes, and tries to kiss her. She backs away from him and tells him that she can’t do that right now, they have business to take care of.

She tells him that he has to stay there and get real smart while he waits. She says this way he can tell her what is going on in his head. He smiles at her.

Just then, Madison walks into the room. She sits down next to Kyle on the edge of the bed and almost immediately starts making out with him. He looks at Zoe kind of like a child that knows that they have done something wrong.

Madison asks Zoe what Kyle has in front of him. Zoe tells her that they are going to be busy all night, and now Kyle has something to do. Of course, Madison makes the stereotypical comment about men and porn. Zoe challenges her by saying that with her idea he can actually become a member of society again and have a life.

The Sacred Taking

The entire Coven, minus Fiona of course, convenes downstairs to perform what is known as “The Sacred Taking”. What this ritual does is takes the energy from the current Supreme and puts that back out into the world so that a new supreme may rise.

This is something that is normally done for the good of the Coven when the current Supreme can no longer lead.

According to legend, this ritual has only been performed three times in the past.

Misty is kind of nervous now. She tells them that she doesn’t want to be the Supreme. Cordelia says that none of them get to choose. When Fiona dies, whoever it is will be.

They all join hands in a circle and begin the ceremony. Each of them slice their fingers open and place that finger in the center of the circle creating a blood tie between them.

Madison is first to point out the obvious flaw with this plan; there is no way that they are going to get Fiona to volunteer to kill herself for the good of the Coven.

Not without a push.” Cordelia replies.

The Push

Fiona is huddled over a toilet vomiting; something that she has been doing a lot of since the cancer started to advance. After she cleans her face and comes out of the bathroom, Fiona sees an image of Madison dancing in the room.

Madison starts to tell her about all the changes she plans to make to the room once she occupies it. Fiona seems incredibly surprised to see Madison. Of course, why wouldn’t she; she did kill her after all.

Madison asks her how quickly she can have all of her stuff out of the room. She continue to provoke Fiona with comments about her sexuality and things of the like.

They are trying to convince Fiona that things would be better for her if she were to just end it all.

Fiona asks her who brought her back. Madison tells her that she is the next Supreme and that she brought herself back. Madison tells her that she now has some explaining to do. She sarcastically suggests that they contact the council. She pauses to point out that they can’t do that as she killed Myrtle as well.

Fiona asks if Cordelia knows. Madison tells her that everyone knows.

Madison tells her that as her powers continue to grow, Fiona’s are going to fade out. She tells her that there are two ways that she can make all of this go away, and that would be to take the large amount of pills that Madison places in Fiona hands, or she can burn at the stake tomorrow.

Madison tells her that it would end everyone’s suffering. She tells Fiona that the choice is hers.

Madison laughs as she walks out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Fiona stares at the pills in her hand before throwing them on the bed. She begins to pack her things when she sees Myrtle standing near the door.

Myrtle tells her that she has been resurrected by their new Supreme, Madison.

Fiona tells Myrtle that she wishes Madison the best, but that she is leaving. Myrtle points out that this was not one of her choices. She reminds her that her choices were to take her own life or be burned at the stake.

Fiona tells Myrtle that she has finally found someone that she truly loves. She tells Myrtle that he wants to take care of her. Myrtle gives her visions of the future. She tells Fiona that there is no way that he will stay with her until the end. She says that he will get sick of her and move on before the end, and that she will die alone.

Mission Accomplished?

Madison comes downstairs, and Zoe asks her how it went. She tells Zoe that Fiona believes that she is the new Supreme.

Nan asks why it couldn’t be her. Madison, in her naturally rude way, tells Nan that the reason she can’t be the next Supreme because she has no style and her pits smell like fish sticks. I’m not quite sure what that has to do with her ability to be the Supreme, but ok.

Nan asks Zoe if she thinks that she could be the next Supreme. When Zoe doesn’t answer her, she says that they all suck as she runs out of the house, down the walkway, and over to Luke’s house next door.

As she is heading to the next door neighbor’s, we see Cordelia’s husband Hank sitting in a car on the side of the road. Could he be the assailant that tried to kill Misty?

The Holy Punishment

Nan uses her mind to unlock the door at Luke’s house. She just walks in like she owns the place and starts looking for Luke. She quietly calls out his name as she heads up the stairs. The further up the stairs she gets, the more she can hear his thoughts. Finally, she finds him gagged and locked in the closet.

Such a righteous mother he has. (I only hope you can sense the sarcasm in that statement.)

Preparing the Corpse

Myrtle walks back into the room with Fiona and notices that she is cleaning herself up, or as Myrtle puts it, preparing the corpse. Fiona asks Myrtle to hold the mirror for her.

Fiona makes conversation with Myrtle about the old days. She tells her how she learned to never overstay her welcome. She says to make sure she always leaves before they run her out of town.

Fiona puts on her fur coat as she takes one last look in the mirror. She asks Myrtle to take care of Delia for her. Fiona swallows the pills and tells Myrtle to make sure that they hang her picture in the place that she chose, and that they don’t store her away in the basement with the disgraced Russian witch.

Fiona lies down in bed and waits for the pills to take effect.

Myrtle empties Fiona jewelry box as she walks out of the door.

The Reawakening

When Fiona opens her eyes, she sees Spalding standing over her bed. Spalding holds out his hand with a bottle in it. He tells her that she needs to take it in order to purge her body of the poison. Spalding holds Ipecac Syrup in his hand.

She is shocked at the fact that he is able to speak. He tells her that he was murdered at the hands of the witches of the Coven. He says that for centuries his family have been watchers, but now he sees everything.

She tells him that for once, she is trying to do something for the good of the Coven. He tells her that the only thing she is trying to do is to make a martyr out of herself.

He tells her that she has allowed herself to be tricked by a pack of lesser witches. He tells her that Madison is not the next Supreme, and that all of those people were returned to life by some dirty swamp witch.

He pours a teaspoon of the syrup and feeds it to Fiona. Just a few moments later, we see her back in the bathroom and over the toilet once more.

She tells Spalding that he has always been there for her, and that she will avenge his murder right after she avenges her own.

The Caged Animal

Back the house of voodoo, we see Madame LaLaurie sitting in her coffin-sized cage. Queenie comes in and offers her food. Delphine immediately starts digging in.

Queenie asks her if they have been feeding her. She tells Queenie that the only thing that have been doing is bleeding her for her potions.

Delphine asks her what she did in order to deserve this betrayal. She tells her that all the things she did at the house were for her. She begs to be let out for just a moment to stretch her legs.

Suddenly, Marie sneaks up on them and scares Queenie.

What did I tell you about feeding the animals?” she asks Queenie.

Queenie apologizes and backs away from Marie and leaves the room.

Marie tells Delphine that ever since she had the idea to have her brought back to her, she has been thinking about all the ways that she could dispose of her; however, it brings her so much joy to know that she is in a cage.

Delphine quickly reverts to her old ways when she orders Marie to get a drink in a clean glass so that she can enjoy her food in peace. Marie immediately tells Delphine that she is not her maid. She tells Delphine that she would not be so quick to show her arrogance from that side of the cage.

What are you going to do?” Delphine asks. “Kill me?” she laughs. “I can’t die.”

She tells her to throw her back in the box. She tells Marie that she has seen enough of this world. She says that she can’t believe that they allowed a “darkie” in the White House. She tells them that when they awaken her in another hundred years when they dig her up again the “natural order” would be restored.

Delphine tells Marie that she is not afraid of her. She says that she doesn’t want to give her that satisfaction.

Almost immediately, Marie grabs her arms a cuts her hand off. As Delphine is screaming in agony, Marie tells her that she was right; that gave her no satisfaction at all.

The Misguided Escape

Luke is now out of the closet, fully dressed, and heading down the stairs with Nan. He tells her that they can’t go back to the house because that is the very first place that his mother will do looking for him. She asks him where they should go, to which he replies “Anywhere.”

As they start to reach the bottom of the stairs, they see his mother on the phone with the police. She is telling them that there is an intruder in her house, and that she is staring at her and that she is armed and dangerous.

Luke screams out that it is a lie.

She reprimands Nan for coming into her house after everything that she has done. Luke pushes her away and tells her to stay away from Nan. He tells his mother that she can’t stop them.

His mother tells him that she made him and that she can unmake him. Just then, he sees a little red dot on her chest. Suddenly, shots ring out and his mother is dead on the floor. The next shot is coming right for Nan; however, Luke jumps in front of it and is struck in the head. Nan cries for him not to leave her.

The Long Wait

The entire Coven is gathered downstairs while Myrtle plays the piano. They are waiting to see who amongst them begins the ascension to Supreme. At this point, they are all starting to get incredibly impatient.

They are all discussing how the symptoms start. One of them even suggests that the feeling begins in their lady parts.

Fiona walks in and says that it started as a classic migraine and pain behind the eyes.

The Coven seems genuinely surprised to see her. Fiona asks where the swamp witch that is supposed to be the next Supreme is. When they all look over to her chair, Misty is gone.

Testing Her Powers

Misty is actually next door with Nan. Now the police have arrived, and they are taking Luke out on a stretcher. Nan tells the Paramedics that she is coming with him.

Fiona walks in and approaches Misty. She tells Misty that it is not every day that they see a witch with the power of resurgence. She says that according to Cordelia, she has the power fit for a Supreme.

Misty has a really worried look on her face; of course, who doesn’t around Fiona?

Suddenly, the police approach them and tell them that they are not allowed to be there.

Fiona tells him that they can, as she uses her Jedi mind trick on him. She tells him that he is going to tell them what is going on. He tells them that there was a shooting; a robbery gone wrong. He tells them that Luke has been transported to the hospital with a head wound, and the mother is dead on the floor in the corner.

Fiona dismisses the officer and tells Misty that this is perfect, she has someone to use her talent on. Hesitantly, Misty walks over to Luke’s mother.

The rest of the Coven is standing outside. They tell Cordelia that they think it was a robbery. When she asks about her Mother, they tell her they saw Fiona go inside.

Cordelia starts to sense something. She finds a bullet casing in the grass below. She has a vision of the events that played out. She sees that the gunshot came from a car in the street, presumably the same car that Hank was seen in earlier in the evening.

She tells them that this was no robbery.

Back inside, the coroner and the officer come walking in the room as Misty is knelt down over Luke’s mother. Fiona quickly dismisses them. Misty places her hands over Luke’s mother’s head. Suddenly, she is brought back to life, and Misty falls to the floor unconscious. Fiona rolls her eyes at the entire situation.

The Lesson Learned

Back upstairs, Kyle is trying to do what Zoe asked him to. He is using the program that she gave him in an attempt to be able to vocalize his thoughts to her.

As soon as Zoe walks in the door, he gets up to greet her, putting his arms around her. She takes the headphones off of his head and tells him that the reason she pulled away has nothing to do with him. She tells him that they are in danger, and she has to get him out of there.

Kyle tells Zoe that he loves her. After a quick pause, Zoe tells him that she loves him too. Unfortunately, out in the hallway, Madison overheard the entire thing. This is not going to bode well for their little love triangle.

What Now?

The next morning, Fiona comes downstairs and Cordelia is already sitting at the table. She asks Cordelia where all the staff in the house is. This is kind of a funny story. I find it hard to believe that someone like Cordelia, who is not only headmistress of the school, but also a pretty powerful witch, has no idea that one of her servants is dead and the other is being held prisoner by the voodoo queen and her newfound lackey.

Fiona suggests that they move Cordelia’s room downstairs. She says that they wouldn’t want her to have an accident coming down the steps. Cordelia tells her that she would rather be found at the bottom of the steps than burned at the stake. She says that Auntie Myrtle told her that it hurts like hell.

Fiona asks her if she truly believes that she would do something like that to her own daughter.

Cordelia tells her to cut the crap, because they both know that she tried to orchestrate her death last night. Fiona tells her that she is proud of her. She says that with grit like that, there may be hope for the survivsal of the Coven after all. Fiona tells her that she is proud of her.

Cordelia tells her that if she knew how easy it was to win her approval she would have made an attempt on her life way before now.

Fiona grabs the bullet from last night off of the table. She tell Cordelia that it is blessed. This means that they are dealing with witch hunters. Cordelia tells her that when she found the bullet sh was actually happy to know that Fiona was still alive. She tells Fiona that they need her now, more than ever.

Just then, the doorbell rings. She asks once again where all the servants are. Fiona opens the door and sees a big box on the doorstep. She brings the box inside and sets it on the table. This looks eerily like the one that Fiona sent Marie Laveau with the Minotaur’s head inside.

When Fiona opened the box, sure enough, Delphine’s severed head was inside. Suddenly, her eyes opened up and she begged for help.

There is only one more episode of American Horror Story: Coven before they take their winter break. You can be certain that the war between these two sides is only just beginning to heat up.

Next week, it seems as if Cordelia is going to be getting the use of her eyes back thanks to Myrtle. I wonder if she will still have the power of second sight once her vision has returned.

In any case, next week’s American Horror Story: Coven will be one that you will not want to miss.

Until then, here is a look at the preview for next week’s episode.

Make sure to check back with us next week as we take a look at the all-new episode of American Horror Story: Coven entitled “Head.”

Have you missed an episode? Maybe you just want a quick refresher? You can see our entire list of episode recaps right here.

American Horror Story: Coven airs on Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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