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‘Gotham’ Upcoming Series Will Feature a 10-year old Bruce Wayne

As we reported back in September, Fox has entered into an agreement with Warner Bros. Television to start work on a new series entitled Gotham. From the beginning it has been said that we should not expect to see the Caped Crusader in the upcoming series. Now, we know why.

According to, a casting call has been put out for the Gotham series seeking a 10-year old Bruce Wayne, which is said to be a series regular on the show. That is a mighty good reason not to have Batman involved in the show. Batman doesn’t even exist at this point.

The series is going to be based around a rookie Gotham PD homicide detective named James Gordon, a.k.a. the future Commissioner James Gordon, as he investigates the double murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Bruno Heller, who is responsible for such shows as The Mentalist and Rome is being brought in to helm the project. He will serve as executive producer, head writer, and Showrunner of the Gotham series.

At this point, there have been no casting announcements made. It will be interesting who they choose to fill the shoes of a young, determined Jams Gordon. He has been played by so many brilliant actors in past incantations of the Batman franchise that whoever eventually fills the role has mighty big shoes to fill.

According to, filming on the series is scheduled to begin in March 2014.

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