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NFL concussion book 'League of Denial' being adapted into TV movie

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One of the hottest topics in sports right now is head injuries and the NFL is at the forefront of the discussion for all of the wrong reasons. In the wake of the release of the book ‘League of Denial’, which charts, highlights and provides incriminating data suggesting the NFL never really cared about it’s players or the effects their game had on them, concussions have become something everyone talks about and the book has generated an insane amount of buzz.

That buzz has led to the book being optioned for a TV movie based on it’s content, which creates a subplot as interesting as the book itself. According to Variety, ‘League of Denial’ will be adapted into a television movie in the near future and this is going to cause a stir at ESPN and at the NFL, two corporations who haven’t had much success in dealing with football in a dramatized format.

The first thing we think of when we hear that ‘League of Denial’ will be adapted into a movie is the short lived television series on ESPN called Playmakers. ESPN aired the show, which showed a dysfunctional football team who’s players were addicted to sex, drugs and ruining their bodies for the love of the game, but yanked it after pressure from the NFL.

That’s essentially what ‘League of Denial’ is, albeit the book goes light on the sex and drugs and heavy on football players having their brains pulverized to pure mush due to playing the game. Obviously the NFL is not going to allow it’s logos or namesake used anywhere near this production, but that won’t stop the movie from happening.

ESPN won’t have control over the TV movie, nor will the NFL, but the book being adapted into a TV movie means a wider audience will become familiar with the story and as a result the NFL won’t be moving away from the concussion scandals anytime soon.

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