Jadeveon Clowney's speeding ticket dash cam video released

News surfaced on Monday that South Carolina Gamecocks star defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, who many believe to be a top pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, was pulled over for driving at more than 100 mph on a South Carolina highway.

Clowney was given a speeding ticket for his heavy foot and now TMZ has obtained the dash cam footage from his traffic stop.

Many will question why Clowney was driving that fast in the first place, but the good news is that he was very respectable during the stop and caused no scene while his ticket was explained. If he would have acted up during the stop, getting pulled over may be a big deal, but it will likely just be viewed as a stupid mistake by a young kid who doesn’t expect anything to happen to him.

If a speeding ticket is the worst trouble that Clowney finds himself in during the draft season, then he has nothing to be worried about and will likely be a top three selection.

Here is the video of the traffic stop, via TMZ.com:

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