Sep 1, 2013; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees center fielder Brett Gardner (11) hits a double against the Baltimore Orioles during the first inning of a game at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

MLB rumors: Yankees say they're not shopping Brett Gardner

With Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran now wearing pinstripes, one would assume the New York Yankees are looking to trade Brett Gardner. But according to general manager Brian Cashman, they’d assume wrong as the Yankees aren’t ‘shopping’ the outfielder:

Cashman also says Yankees are not shopping Brett Gardner, but they’re receiving many calls. Did not sign Ellsbury to trade Gardner.

Of course, the key word there is ‘shopping’. Is Cashman actively attempting to call teams hoping to move Gardner? Maybe not – but is he accepting phone calls with trade offers for Gardner? You’d have to assume so, considering the Yankees still need parts (like starting pitching) and few pieces are more attractive than Gardner, who would likely net them a solid return.

Granted, the Yankees would assuredly attempt to trade some of their other outfielders first, like Ichiro Suzuki or Vernon Wells, but there simply isn’t a market for them in comparison to Gardner.

Gardner is currently slated to find himself in the starting lineup – likely in left field while Alfonso Soriano plays the role of designated hitter.

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  • Jimmy D

    I can only assume cashman believes ichiro will bring back a top flight pitcher. Because everyone trades a top pitcher for a 41 year old outfielder who had a sub par 300 OBP the previous season.
    Hell, I guess we’re getting Verlander, wahoo.

    I completely understand the philosophy of the speed aspect in the outfield and being able to save more runs defensively. But even if they find a way to trade ichiro & get rid of Wells, what are they going to do from there?
    Soriano and beltran both need to play DH, so does Jeter and McCann at times. So are we to expect days if having Johnson and Almonte in the outfield with Ellsbury or Gardner having the day off, with either soriano or beltran on the bench?

    This insane idea of putting a 4th outfielder in Gardner, who’s a CF and in no way profiles as a corner outfielder, is ridiculous.
    The issue is, if Gardner was a 320 hitter who had a 420 OBP, and walked more than he strikes out, and who ACTUALLY STOLE BASES when he got on, it wouldn’t be an issue.
    But that’s not Gardner. He’s the streakiest hitter in the game. Strikes out too much in big spots. Doesn’t steal enough bases for a guy with lightning speed and never EVER steals a base in a big spot.

    I’m sorry, but there’s too much of a resume to think anything will change with Gardner. He is a solid player, a 4th outfielder who in no way compares to Ellsbury.
    I think it’s the wrong move to keep him. His value will never be higher than right now. Because if he has a season similar to his career #’s, which is more than likely, and even if a team needs an outfielder in July, we won’t get anything for him.

    But hey, good news is coming right? We may be bringing back another player 35 or older. Welcome back Chavez. Absolutely ridiculous.
    How many effin older people are we going to bring in?

    And just a quick closing note: Meredith Marakovits is absolutely hideous as a Yankee reporter.
    Happy holidays.