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Shawne Merriman walks out on ESPN interview, Dan Le Betard’s reaction is priceless (Video)

Former NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman has led a very interesting life. Not only was he a Pro Bowl linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, but he led a life off the field that garnered some attention, from dating a social media socialite, to having his house burn down to the ground which forced him to live in a shelter.

But when Merriman sat down for an interview on Dan Le Betard and Bomani Jones’ ESPN2 show Highly Questionable this week, another interesting chapter was written in his life. We’ll call the title of this chapter “The One Where Shawne Walks Out On an Interview and No One Knows What Happened”.

That’s exactly what happenedin a very bizarre incident that left host Le Betard in sheer shock.

We don’t know why the interview ended, we don’t know how long Merriman thought he was going to be there but when he wanted to leave, he left and he did so in a manner that gave us an absolutely priceless reaction from Dan Le Betard.

We’re not sure what’s better here, the fact that Merriman called the shots on a show he was the guest on or the fact that Jones and Le Betard sat in stunned silence for a good five seconds, not sure what to do or what was happening. No one really knows what happened but what we do know is that this was a awesomely awkward thing we’ve seen all day.

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  • arnie

    Well, how many times can you ask a guy the same question, and force him to relive a very uncomfortable childhood memory? It seemed like he thought the interview was over, and someone else was talking to him. i guess he had to go. Lights Out, interview over.

    • Stefanie Smith

      Exactly, Arnie. Shawn had enough. The interviewers were two smug f’ers who thought it would be great sport to make a guy feel bad on TV and force him to discuss something they knew made him feel bad. Nothing about sports, but about his growing up. Nice. They should get punched.

  • IronMountain

    Big deal, he was polite, and obviously thought the interview was over.

  • Rob

    I doubt very much that ESPN didn’t tell Merriman what the interview’s bullet points/questions would be. Sports shows don’t try to drop bombs on their guests to shock them. ”Soft interviews” like sports and late night interviews are almost always a recital of what the guest and host(s) talked about before the cameras were on.

  • Gunnar Martin

    Hahaha gotta love the pure shock on their faces. I’ll always love you Shawn, and now I only love you more. Priceless.

  • Santee Jack

    Well, he just blew his second career.

  • Nick Beahm

    What do you mean we have no clue why? They were berating him over and over again about a very tragic time in his life. “So your house was on fire? How did you feel when your house was on fire? What was it like losing your house? Tell me, were you in the shelters long?” I thought he handled that in the best way possible. He didn’t even freak out at them, on camera at least. He held his composure, got up, and left.

  • 1961 Fan

    Merriman had to leave the interview to go get his daily shot of juice.