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‘Sleepy Hollow’ Winter Finale - Episode 10 Recap ‘The Golem’

Tonight is the final episode of Sleepy Hollow before the show departs for its Winter Break. The mysteries have been unfolding on by one over the course of the season. The biggest of those was the realization that Ichabod Crane had a son that he never knew existed. In tonight’s all-new episode, Ichabod will begin the search for the truth about his son. Unfortunately, something sinister stands in his way, and it will be up to Ichabod and Abbie to save the day once again. Let’s take a look at tonight’s all-new episode of Sleepy Hollow entitled ‘The Golem.’

Bah Humbug

As tonight’s episode opens, we find Ichabod in one heck of a grumpy mood. Any mention of the holidays by Abbie is met with disdain. Who could blame him? He just found out that he had a son that not only has he never met, but that he never once had the opportunity to even lay his eyes on.

Ichabod is desperate to find out the truth about his son; why Katrina never told him, what became of him, and anything else that Ichabod can uncover that will help him fill in the missing pieces in his soul.

In order to do this, he has enlisted the help of someone from his and Abbie’s recent past; Henry Parrish, also known as The Sin Eater.

Finding the Truth

Mr. Parrish arrives at Ichabod’s cabin by means of Taxi service. Ichabod heads over to greet him, extending his hand to Mr. Parrish. Parrish backs away from him and tells him not to touch him. This was not meant to be a rude gesture. If you saw the previous episode involving Parrish, you will completely understand why touching him may not be the best of ideas.

They head into the house, and Ichabod explains to Parrish what he hopes to accomplish. Parrish explains to him that what he seeks is very dangerous, and that in order to accomplish what he desires he will have to be brought very close to death. Ichabod is quite clear as he tells Parrish that he understands the dangers.

Henry tells Abbie that if she has any objections to what is about to happen, that now would be the time to make her exit. She tells him that she isn’t going anywhere.

With that, Parrish proceeds to choke the life out of Ichabod. When Abbie objects, Parrish tells her that the closer to death he gets, the less he will have to travel to reach his destination. Just as the last little bit of life seems to leave Ichabod’s eyes, he finds himself in the spirit realm.

Almost instantly, he finds an old baby carriage making its way towards a set of stairs. Ichabod rushes across the room to stop it from falling. When he looks inside, the carriage is empty besides a small handmade doll lying on the inside.

Behind him, Katrina is standing there in a black dress lighting a candle. She doesn’t even realize that he is standing there. Ichabod can sense her behind him.

Suddenly, she notices his presence.

She is terrified at how he came to be in her realm. He tells her that he came with the assistance of the Sin Eater. She tells him that he is always near, and that if he senses his presence, then there will certainly be trouble.

He asks her point blank about their son. She tells him that she would have told him when he awoke, but they had so little time.

She tells him that their son’s name is Jeremy, named after Ichabod’s grandfather. She assures him that she did not know that she was with child when she buried him in the cave. She tells him that it was only when she fled to Europe to find a spell to break the tie between him and the Horseman that she learned of it. She tells him that when her quest failed, she returned home where she was mercilessly pursued by her Coven. They demanded that she tell them where he had been buried. Instead, she fled and sought sanctuary at the only place she knew she could; the home of Lachlan Fredericks.

She tells Ichabod that he was the most beautiful creature that she had ever seen, but she knew that she could not keep him. In order to protect him from spending his entire life as a fugitive, she had to let him go. She tells Ichabod that she left him in the care of Grace and her husband Joseph, who was a Pastor at Trinity Church.

Katrina tells Ichabod that this is the last time that she laid eyes on their son.

She tells Ichabod that they are standing in an echo of that place. She tells him that she comes there once a day to light a candle.

Ichabod promises her that he will find out what happened to their son, he will find a way to free her from that wretched place, and that they will be together once again.

Suddenly, there is an incredibly loud knock on the door. Someone has found them. She tells him that he has to return to his realm now. Just as he does this, a mighty Golem comes barreling through the door.

When Ichabod wakes up in reality, he realizes that Parrish had choked him. Ichabod tells Abbie that her ancestor Grace is the one who took custody of his son. Parrish says that their fates were entwined long before they ever met.

Ichabod says that his sons till remains a mystery to him, Abbie assures him that they will do everything that they can to find out what happened to him. She promises him that.

Out in the woods, suddenly the earth starts to rumble. A golem has been awakened, and is now free in Sleepy Hollow.

The Family Tree

Ichabod and Abbie are in the cabin trying to figure out what is going on. He tells Abbie that if Jeremy had married and had three children, which was apparently the average at the time, and taking into consideration the generational gap, he could currently have as many as 6,000 offspring. That is a lot of great, great, great great grandchildren and more.

Abbie has an idea. She tells him that the Historical Society Library has a rare records collection that dates back to revolutionary times. Just then, Parrish cuts in and says that his train leaves in 18 minutes. She tells him not to worry as they are only 5 minutes away from the station.

As they head for the car, Ichabod tells Parrish that he begs one more favor of him. Parrish outlines for Ichabod his plan, his train, his seat number, and he even tells him of his crossword.

Abbie stops him. She tells him that when she found his file in the first place, she noticed that his mother had died when he was young. He tells her that it was cancer that took his mother. She also points out that his father has been in and out of nursing homes with Alzheimer’s. She tells him that all of them are a little bit shot on family right now. She also tells him that should they not find Ichabod’s son, they may not be able to complete the work that the Sin Eater fought so vigorously to allow them to do.

He tells her that there is a train that leaves at 12:44 a.m. he makes her promise that he will be on it. She agrees. As they all get in Abbie’s SUV and prepare to leave, we can see the Golem overlooking their actions.

Losing Faith

Captain Irving is sitting in church with his pastor. He asks him of the two witnesses that were aforementioned in the scripture. He tells Irving that according to the New Testament, witness means martyr. He says that the witnesses are destined to die for their service. Irving asks him what happens to the people that follow them. He tells Irving that they usually suffer the same fate.

Irving tells him that he joined the military because he wanted to help people, then his daughter got hit by a car. He says that when he joined the force, he was gone so often that his wife left him, and now he is being told that the reward for leading a life of public service is death. He says that he remembers why he stopped going there.

If God has a plan, who’s it for? Me or Him?” Irving asks.

The Library

Ichabod, Abbie, and Henry all arrive at the library. The Librarian tells Ichabod that she does not believe that thy have any of the information that he seeks. After he talks to her a little further, she realizes that he speaks from a place of authority when it comes to history.

She tells him that if they do indeed have anything on Trinity Church, it would be in that section over there. She says as she points to the corner.

She then leaves them be to do their research.

It doesn’t take long before Parrish finds what they are looking for. He finds an entry with Grace Dixon’s name on it. It says that she was born in 1751 and died in 1784.

It says that there was a fire. They were all trapped inside. The account claims that the townspeople were afraid of Jeremy. People claimed that they had seen him start fires just by crying. Ichabod comes to realize that he inherited Katrina’s powers. Abbie says that the house burned down, and the next morning, they found Jeremy completely unharmed. The townspeople began to think of him as some sort of monster. From there, he was sent to an orphanage for children who lost their families in the war.

Ichabod is starting to have this overwhelming since of guilt because his son was responsible for the death of Abbie’s ancestors. She tells him that it wasn’t his fault, that there was nothing he could have done. He tells her that he could have been there. Parrish tells him that this was not a choice that he was given.

Ichabod asks about the name of the home that his son was sent to. She tells him that it is not in there, and that they cannot count on the Librarian to help them. Parrish tells them that the Librarian knows more than she is telling. He tells them that lying is a sin. He says that he can sense a sin from a mile away.

Ichabod seeks out the Librarian. She has fled the building. Abbie hears her outside. All of a sudden, once she is in her car, the Golem comes out of nowhere. Before any of them can make it downstairs, the Golem has completely obliterated her car, with her still inside of it.

I think it is safe to say that Henry Parrish won’t be making that later train tonight.

Making Things Right

Irving heads to his old house to pick up his daughter. Before his daughter comes downstairs, or at least before he knows that she is there, he apologizes to his ex-wife. He tells her that he knows that he wasn’t always there for them and that she deserved much better.

She tells him that if he had said that to her a year ago, he would still be living in the house.

Just then, his daughter makes herself known. She hugs and kisses her mother goodbye, and she leaves with her father.

I kind of feel bad for Irving. I get the feeling that he really does care for his family, but in order for him to deal with the hand that he has been dealt; he has had to allow some things to go by the wayside. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong ones.

Researching Deeper

Ichabod and Abbie are bringing in quite a few boxes. These are the Librarian’s personal effects. All except a safe that she has at the office.

Abbie looks over and notices that Parrish is doing a crossword. He tells her that he told them that he uses them to distract him. He says that’s the thing about a good puzzle. It sends you in one direction and fools you into think you know what is going on, then once you find out the trick you see that there is often a hidden meaning.

Much like every other deep thought in the show, I am pretty sure that this piece of advice is going to come into play later on.

While conversing with Ichabod about the different meanings certain words had back in his day, she places a rather heavy box on the table. As the box makes a deep thud noise on the counter, Parrish is spring from his seat. He says that the box is filled with immense pain and suffering. Ichabod recognizes the symbol on the box as the symbol of Katrina’s coven, the sisterhood of the radiant heart.

When Ichabod picks the lock and opens the box, Parrish almost chokes. He says that whatever is on the inside of that box reeks of anger and pain. He says it is unlike anything that he has felt in years.

He finds a small journal with a hand drawn picture of a doll; the doll that Katrina gave to baby Jeremy. Both Ichabod and Abbie recognize the doll. Parrish asks to see the journal. Ichabod sits it on the counter in front of him. He places his hands over it and begins to examine it. It seems to be causing him pain to do so.

Parrish tells Ichabod that the pain inside of the box is Ichabod’s son Jeremy.

We head into a flashback to Jeremy’s time in the orphanage. They feared him just as the townspeople had. They made him pay penance for the things that he did. It wasn’t until one day when his pain overtook him that he was able to reach his full potential. With a single drop of blood, the doll that Katrina had given him had come to life.

The Golem was born. It quickly dispatched of the man who was punishing Jeremy by single handedly breaking his neck.

Ichabod says that he can still feel the Golem’s presence. Parrish tells him that he warned them about this. He says that he told them not to tempt fate.

Abbie asks why it would have killed the Librarian witch. Ichabod says that she is a member of the Coven that banished Katrina. He says that more of them may still be alive, and the death of the Librarian may be the first of many more to come.

A Walk in the Park

Captain Irving and his daughter are going through the park. While they are laughing and talking, she is looking at two people playing Frisbee. He asks her about this wheelchair camp that she was looking into last year. She stops him and tells him that he gets this tone in his voice that makes her feel helpless. She tells him that she is not going to let this thing beat her, and that she is going to continue on fighting. She tells him that it would be easier for her to fight with some hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.

While he gets in line to get her hot chocolate, she sees a woman sitting alone with a cute puppy. She immediately flocks over to the woman. He turns to the man at the beverage cart and orders two hot chocolates.

The man says to Irving that he has a strong little girl. Then, he asks her if she is strong enough. Irving doesn’t quite understand. The man asks the question again, this time his eyes turn white. He asks Irving if she is strong enough to fight for her soul. Irving grabs him by the collar and begins to yell at him. Just as he does this, whatever spirit possessed the man leaves the man’s body and enters the nearest woman.

The innocent man has no idea what is going on. Suddenly, Irving is being approached by two uniformed police officers. He tells them that he is with the NYPD and slowly reaches for his badge. The two policemen stand down.

He apologizes to the man for the incident. His daughter asks him what is wrong with him. He tells her they need to go. The woman who the spirit is now possessing is watching as the two of them walk away. The spirit says “We have one too.”

The Troubled Soul

Ichabod is sitting down in the sewers as they are further researching the Librarian. Parrish comes down to tell him that the contents of the Librarian’s safe have arrived. Ichabod asks him if there is anything of use in there. Parrish tells him that all Abbie has found so far is ticket stubs from various carnivals for the last 100 years.

Ichabod is sincerely bothered by something. He tells Parrish that his father always used to tell him that when he had a child that they would follow his example more than your advice. He says that his son had the benefit of neither. He says that he understands that the choice was not his, but it brought his son’s rage into the world, both then and now.

Parrish tells him that it is a father’s duty to imbue wisdom. He tells Ichabod that his father told him not to fear his power. He told Ichabod that he wishes he could have thanked his father for that before his mind went. He tells him that he believes his son to be a good man, as he was molded in created in the image of Ichabod.

Suddenly, everything connected in Ichabod’s head. He believes that answer to be in Washington’s bible. He opens the bible to Psalms 139. They realize that what they face now is a Golem. A man made of sand and mud who is imbued with all of the creator’s most ardent passions.

Abbie recognizes the four that speak as one. She says that when Katrina came to her in the vision, those four were there. Those are the witches that banished Katrina to purgatory. It stands to reason that they would be the next targets of the Golem. Ichabod also points out that if they were the ones who put Katrina in purgatory, it would stand to reason that they could bring her back, which would strike a huge blow to Moloch.

Abbie believes that the Librarian was going to see them at all the carnivals she visited throughout the years. She found a ticket stub that was dated from two days ago in Dobbs Ferry, which is right outside of Sleepy Hollow. Now, they must get to them before the Golem does.

A Day at the Fair

When they arrive at the fair, there seems to be no one there. He tells Abbie that he is going in alone. She attempts to argue with him, but he explains that these women imprisoned his wife in purgatory and left his son abandoned without hope. This has entitled him a private word with them before they take them to safety.

When Ichabod enters, they all four ask who is there.

The women are sitting around the table wearing black gowns and black veils over their faces. They tell Ichabod that he is unreadable. They ask for his palm. He slowly approaches the table and gives her his hand.

Suddenly, they all know who he is. They tell him that they have waited centuries for this day to come. They tell him that it was foretold that his arrival would seal their fate. They tell him that tonight, they die.

He tells them if what they say is true, then he can take them to safety, but only after they release Katrina from purgatory. They tell him that if it is their destiny to die, then they must accept it. There is nothing that he can offer them will change that.

He tells them that if it is their wish to die, then he can tell them that the Golem will come for them. They seem rather surprised. They ask how this could be. He tells them that it followed him back from purgatory. They tell him that he has repeated Katrina’s mistake.

They tell him that had Katrina not made her decision, then Ichabod and their child would have been spared all of the pain and suffering. He tells them that was not their decision to make.  He tells them that the coven is meant to be a source of good, but they delivered the wife into captivity into the hands of the enemy. They tell him that it was necessary to rectify what Katrina had undone.

They tell him that when they discovered who and what his son was, they offered their help, but he refused. They say that he was out of control. Ichabod tells them that his son was afraid and that the Golem was his only means of defense. They tell him that this is why he had to be stopped.

The four tell him that the Golem could not be killed, so they imprisoned the creature in purgatory. They tell Ichabod that his power continued to grow, and they once again offered him a place in their coven, but he once again refused. They tell him it was then that the sisterhood decided to stop his heart.

They locked him in a box and buried him. They tell him that death begets death, and that is their fate. Just then, the room begins to shake and you can hear the Golem roar.

Ichabod asks them how he can kill the Golem. They tell him that his son’s blood gave it life, and only his son’s blood can end it. They tell him to run.

When he comes out of the tent, everyone is running in a panic. Abbie asks him if they told him how to stop it. He tells her that only his son’s blood can stop it.

Ichabod and Parrish are standing in front of the optical illusion mirrors. Ichabod is taken back by the way that they make people look. He sees it as a perverse form of torture. Just then, the Golem comes blasting through the mirrors, sending glass flying everywhere.

The two of them flee. When they get to “safety”, Parrish realizes that Ichabod has a shard of glass coming out of his shoulder.

When he takes the shard of mirror out of his body, there is a quick flash. He takes a look at the piece of mirror, which now looks like a carved weapon covered in blood. Parrish realizes how they are to defeat the Golem. The four said that it would take Ichabod’s son’s blood to stop the Golem. Parrish points out that his son’s blood is in fact his blood.

Just as the Golem is about to attack Abbie, he calls out to him; the bloody mirror shard in his hand. Suddenly, the Golem changes course and it takes a run at Ichabod. He tells the Golem that he is Jeremy’s father. Suddenly, it seems to calm down a little. He tells him if there was any way he could go back and change this, he would. Ichabod tells him that fate has bestowed this fate to him; his only friend, his guardian, and in many ways a father to him. He tells him for that he owes him his life. He begs for him to stop. He tells him that Jeremy is gone, and there is nothing left for him to fight for.

For a split second, the Golem bows his head in silence. Suddenly, he lunges at Ichabod, who sinks the shard deep into the Golem’s stomach. Almost immediately, the Golem begins to develop these dark black veins throughout his body. He cries out in pain before he hits the ground. Ichabod kneels by his side and holds his hand as he fades away. He tells him that he has bared enough pain. Ichabod tells him to bare it no more and be at peace.

Now, in his hand is the doll that the Golem was created from. Abbie tells him that it is over.

The Morning After

The next day, Ichabod is standing in front of the mirror examining his wounds. Parrish tells him that he hates to make a hasty retreat, but his train is set to depart in 18 minutes. What is up with 18 minutes?

Parrish tells Ichabod that fate has called him to help them on their journey. He says that had he not separated his blood from the Horseman’s, he would not have been free to lay the Golem or his son to rest. Ichabod thanks him for lending him his gift. Parrish says that for the first time, he feels as if fate has delivered him a blessing by bringing the two of them into his life.

Henry tells him that they never really bury the dead, that they take them with them. That is the price of living.

Abbie tells him that she got him something. She tells him that he was going to give it to him on Christmas Eve, but he looks like he could use a little boost. She hands him his gift; a giant red plaid stocking. She even embroidered his name on it.

They each wish each other a Merry Christmas.

She tells him that she is going to go get some comfort food, and that she will return in 10 minutes. For just a split second, Ichabod looks into the mirror on the wall. Suddenly, the mirror shatters, but no pieces fall to the ground. As he approaches the mirror, the pieces begin to snap back into place, revealing the darkness of the woods. Suddenly, Ichabod is in that place in the mirror.

He demands that whatever is out there reveal himself. He can hear Katrina in the distance screaming no. Suddenly, we hear the deep menacing voice of Moloch. Ichabod demands that he come out and face him. Moloch offers him a warning. He says that the saint’s name is the sign. Moloch says that when he knows his meaning, war will take form, and the end of days begins.

Ichabod demands that there will be no end of days. Moloch tells Ichabod that his death is assured, and the second witness…

Ichabod calls Moloch a coward and demands that he face him. Suddenly, Moloch is standing directly in front of Ichabod. One hit, and Ichabod goes flying in the air. Moloch tells him that he touched her soul once. Soon it will be his forever, and Ichabod will be the one to give it to him.

Suddenly, he is back in reality, and lying on the floor when Abbie reenters the room. She rushes to his side to help him up. He looks panicked beyond all reason. He tells her that Moloch is coming for her soul, and that he says that it is him that will deliver it to Moloch.

This has certainly moved on to a whole new level. There are so many questions to be answered. The first of which is how Moloch got to Ichabod in the first place. The next is how he plans to use Ichabod to get to Abbie. Does he really think that Ichabod would knowingly do something to hurt Abbie? Furthermore, is Ichabod’s son really laid to rest? Could this be something that Moloch would use to convince Ichabod to deliver Abbie to him?

As much as I love an intense ending to a show, I can’t help but want to scream at the thought of not having a new episode of Sleepy Hollow for a full month.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? How do you think Moloch is planning to use Ichabod to get to Abbie? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Sleepy Hollow will return January 13, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on Fox.

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