Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Finale: Twitter Reacts to Major Character Death


Tonight marked the season 6 finale of Sons of Anarchy and we were not at all prepared for what was in store. We had seen bloodshed before this season but it was bloodshed that was coming. The season finale was filled with plenty of bloodshed but it was blood shed that characters had coming. Tonight’s episode saw a few characters get killed off that didn’t have it coming and Twitter reacted to their deaths with great sadness.

If you missed tonight’s episode, skip this because it’s going to spoil the season for you.

But for those that tuned in, the turning point of the show occurred when Gemma killed Tara by savagely stabbing her in the back of the head with a fork, thinking she was doing the right thing. Right when we wanted to see Tara live, she was killed and Twitter reacted to the events we saw.



What did you think of the twist at the end of the episode? Sound off in the comments section with your reaction and let us know.

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  • Casey Babie

    Just as Jax redeemed himself for the better of his families future, Tara’s death takes all hope away from viewers. It just shows that if a character like Tara couldn’t sway the Teller’s fate away from this violent club lifestyle then there isn’t any hope. It appears those boys will have the same future as Jax and his father before him… In my opinion Gemma shouldn’t go unpunished although I love Katie Segal!


      I highly doubt they will. People tend to forget very important parts of the seasons as they go, Jax is being arrested, this is going to happen, but how it will be played is anyone’s guess, the next in line isn’t Gemma, people forget Tara had Margret her boss as the guardian of those boys, and when Jax goes to prison, Margret will be the one who will get those boys, and see it through for Tara that they never have to grow up in that life, mark my words.

      • Casey Babie

        Great point, hopefully Genma doesn’t kill her either lol. I do want to see some light at the end of the tunnel.. For the kids sake at the least.

  • Thom One

    Gemma was always the tough, strong, and wise mother. Tonight, the writers made her a mess of a monster and I will never watch this show again.


      Good! Don’t need bandwagon fake fans like you around our show, one good thing that came out of Tara’s death, it weeds out fake fans, and we no longer have to listen to fake fans cry, and whine over one character’s death when the show isn’t about Tara or the sht you people cry about. I’m glad to see you go BYE BYE please do let the door hit you on the way out :D

      • Anita

        Excuse me? I have been watching Sons of Anarchy since the first season, unlike you I have paid attention to the plot of this show, and the fact that “Gemma” Katey Sagal does not face consequences for her actions, and has not been held accountable for them, which goes against Kurt Sutter’s entire “characters face consequences” is bullshit. The show isn’t about Gemma either, you idiot, but that has how it’s been the last two seasons. I cannot wait for Jax to kill her, that will be the single and only episode I watch next season. She deserves nothing but a painful and drawn out death.

    • omgkittens1

      Really? Gemma has always kind of been a dick, and this really doesn’t surprise me. What surprises me is that it didn’t happen sooner.

  • Tyger Uppercut

    This was such a shock and completely jacked up! I would not have
    surprised if Jax snuffed her out. For a moment that’s what I thought
    was going to happen. Gemma… Oh boy, can she be any more of a mess? I
    didn’t see Tara going out like that. Sutter explained after the show
    he thought it had to be organic & not SOA style. Well had dishes to
    do & I happened to clean that type of fork. I don’t think I will
    be using that for a while. I can’t wait Juice to die, he didn’t do Gemma any favors except prolong the inevitable.
    RIP Tara, I was pulling for you. When Jax find out, and you know he
    will, I think he will strangle Gemma until he eyes pop out of her
    head. Damn, I got to wait almost a year… oh well, ain’t like I
    haven’t done it before.

  • Reliable

    My prediction is that Jax will not be proved guilty for the murder of Tara and the cop whose name I forgot. I think Deacon.

    But the basis for my prediction is the fact that Jax’ gun was given emphasis when it is obvious this gun is not the murder weapon used.

  • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

    The last tweet was so stupid. If you don’t want anything to be spoiled, get off social media. Jeez,

  • Phoen1x1

    IMO Jax may be arrested but it will take a matter of hours for them to see the bullets they took out of the Sheriff don’t match Jax’s weapon and he also has no gun residue on his person. Also whatever deal he made with the DA is now null and void considering he doesn’t have to worry about Tara going to prison or ratting anymore. I have to say it was pretty sloppy how they finished this season. Gemma doesn’t call anyone to ask about what Unser tells her even though he basically just guessed that Tara made a deal. Unser then allows himself to be sent away for some stupid reason so Gemma can get up and sneak out with his truck. Unser then tells Jax she took his truck and split in bad shape but doesn’t tell him he had just finished telling her that Tara made a deal and Jax was going to prison so Jax was in no rush to call her house or get over there real fast lol. Tara sees Gemma and immediately acts like she is guilty and tries to run away instead of telling Gemma that Jax made his own mind up and that she didn’t rat. I still love the show but I found all of that a bit weak.

  • Chris Peters

    I will NEVER watch a Kurt Sutter film again. Basic plot line 101. Don’t kill the cat. You killed a cat and a kitten. There was no point to that. He is now on my black list along with Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise. That’s bull sh*t. I hope you die of colon cancer mother F%cker!!!!! (I just watched it and had to vent… yes I do feel better)