Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in the Season 6 Finale of 'Sons of Anarchy' entitled 'A Mother's Work'. Photo Credit: FX

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 6 Finale Recap ‘A Mother’s Work’

When we were promised an intense ride, we all know that series creator Kurt Sutter would deliver, but what we didn’t know is to what degree. Tonight’s episode was indeed one of the greatest episodes that Sons of Anarchy has ever aired. Whether you are happy, sad, or just plain confused, the one thing this episode did is stir your emotions. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at tonight’s Season 6 Finale of Sons of Anarchy entitled ‘A Mother’s Work’.

For My Sons

Tonight’s episode begins with a very grounding moment. Jax is sitting in a graveyard writing in his journal. In a very self-reflecting moment, he tells his sons that everything he does and every move he makes is for the two of them.

For a few moments, he sits in quiet reflection thinking about the path that lies in front of him. When he rises from the ground, you see that all the while he has been sitting at the gravesite of his best friend in the entire world, Opie Winston; beloved father, devoted son, fearless friend, loyal brother.

As Jax rides away, we see a peaceful white dove sitting in the middle of the road. Unfortunately for the dove, Jax doesn’t seem to feel the same about the peaceful dove’s existence, because he just runs right over it, leaving it in a bloody mess.

At first, I didn’t understand the need for that; however, after some careful contemplation I think I understand. The dove is a symbol of peace. At this stage in the game, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to restore peace in Charming.

In Search of the Good Doctor

Back in District Attorney Patterson’s office, Patterson, Roosevelt, and the other Agent are in her office wondering what happened to Tara. They all assume that she is having second thoughts, or at least taking the time to cope with her decision.

They decide that the best course of action is to send someone to her house to keep an eye out for her. I mean, she has to resurface at some point.

At this point, she really has no other decision. The club had branded her a rat, or at least that is the general consensus, and if she stays gone she will be a fugitive of the law. Either of those circumstances circumvents her entire reason for running; the safety of Abel and Thomas.

The Queen and the Bee

Back at the ice cream shop, the club is preparing to have a meeting. Just as Juice is about to head into the room, Gemma pulls him aside. Before she addresses Juice, she gives Brooke some money and sends her off to pick up some food. Before she departs, she takes Chucky with her.

Now that they are alone, Gemma asks Juice how he is doing. He swears to her that he didn’t try to kill himself. She pretty much calls BS on him by telling him that he knew taking that many pills could kill him. He assures her that he doesn’t want to die.

He asks her if she has talked to Nero. She questions him as to why he would ask that. He tells her that he thinks that he may have overshared a little bit. Boy, if he only knew. She tells him that Nero hasn’t said anything to her, and that he won’t say anything to Jax so he doesn’t need to worry about anything. She also tells him that he needs to figure out where he fits in this world because vulnerability is a liability.

Patterson, Roosevelt, and the rest of the crew roll up to the shop to have a discussion with Jax. Needless to say, the short conversation in passing between Gemma and Patterson ends with a rather rude comment from the biker queen. I can’t say that I blame her much. Patterson is somewhere she certainly doesn’t belong.

Patterson backhandedly tries to get information on Tara’s whereabouts. When she realizes that her rouse is not going anywhere, she decides to tell him the partial truth. She tells him that they had a meeting and she missed it.

From there, she tries to give him some “motherly advice”. Of course, Jax is not usually very receptive to things like this from people like her, but I think in light of the current situation he lets things play out a little longer than he would usually allow them to.

She tells him that however this goes down today falls on him. She asks him if he is willing to make his family pay the price for the mistakes that he has made. She tells him that he is a husband, a father, and most importantly, a man, before anything else, even SAMCRO. She tells him that he needs to own his place.

You can tell as she exits the shop that as much as we would like to deny it; this is resonating with him on some higher level.

Heading to Church

Jax calls the club to the table to discuss the situation with Tara; more so, the fact that she was supposedly going to have a meeting with the DA. They decide that they need to locate her and convince her not to rat on the club. When Juice asks him what they are going to do if she can’t be persuaded. Jax says that they will do what they have to do.

Bobby tries to bring the situation down a notch by saying that they will make that decision when they get there.

All of a sudden, there is a knock at the door. It is Chucky. He tells them that Marcus Alvarez wants to talk to Jax.

As can be imagined, Alvarez is concerned about Jax handing over the gun business to August Pope. He believes that this is something that he should have come to them with. He believes that it creates a power shift.

Every move I’ve made since picking up that Gavel has been moving in this direction. You knew this was coming.”

Alvarez also calls him to the carpet for the things that went down with the Chinese. Jax tells him that this is something that couldn’t be helped, and something that went down because they came after his guys.

Jax does everything he can to convince Alvarez that nothing to going to change in their operation. He says that the reason he took it to Marks is because he has a network that no one can match; he has not just street thugs, but legitimate businessmen and politicians on his side. It is simply the safer and better deal for the Irish; the one that would cause the least amount of friction with the Irish, at least.

Marcus tells him that they are two weeks behind on their shipments, and unfortunately, their neighborhood is not quite as quiet as Charming. Jax tells him that August should have received the first shipment already, and that he will get them their guns. He says that everything from here on out is going to be business as usual.

Then, Alvarez drops the real bombshell on him. Alvarez says he wants Nero in on is operation. Jax is kind of confused considering that Nero is not in on that part of the operation. Alvarez tells him that they have a newfound relationship, and that the Mayans are setting up a charter in Stockton and that it will be live in two weeks. Jax asks him why they are making that move because the club has legitimate business in Stockton.

Come on ese, everything I’ve been doing has been heading in that direction. You knew it was coming.” Alvarez says, quoting Jax’s own words back to him.

When Happy asks him if there are problems in “Taco Nation”, Jax tells him to get him “King Nero.” Uh oh…this isn’t going to end well, is it?

The Rat

Tara makes a phone call to her lawyer. She tells him that she is at a hotel in Lodai, and she just needed some time to think. He tells her that this is what Patterson and the rest of them assumed. He tells her that the deal is still on the table, but it has to happen today. She tells him that she is ready. She says that she wants to meet with him first and make sure that the deal is what they promised. He tells her that he will need some time to get back to his office ad pick up the documents. She tells him that she will text him where to meet.

Tara is at the hotel with Thomas and Abel. She has a talk with Abel and tells him that he is going to need his help. She tells him that Thomas is going to be a little scared with all the changes and that he is really going to need his big brother. Almost immediately, Abel runs over to Thomas and starts playing with him, creating one of the single most adorable moments in SOA history. Something that was very well placed in tonight’s emotion-filled episode.

I find it hard to believe that Tara wouldn’t think that her lawyer was being followed. That is one of the most obvious things that the club would have done. Furthermore, how does this lawyer not realize that he has a tail? I think this does very well to illustrate the holes in Tara’s plan.

The Meeting

Jax has set up the meeting between the Mayans and Marks. Unfortunately for Jax, Marks never shows. It is part of his whole ‘I can’t be seen in this side of the business’ thing. Instead, he sends Tyler, his new street man.

Nero and Fiasco are there with the Mayans.

Jax tells Nero that there is no word on Tara yet. Jax calls Nero out and asks him how long he knew that the Mayans were setting up shop in Stockton. Nero tells him that he just found out about it yesterday. He asks Jax if he thought that he would keep something like this from him. He tells Jax that he doesn’t keep secrets from friends.

Jax is a little put off by that comment and asks Nero what he means. I think we all know good and well what that means. Nero takes it back to the night of Darvany Jennings’ murder.

Please don’t lie to me twice, Jax.” Nero says. “I know what happened to Darvany, and I know what you had Juice do.”

He tells Jax that he asked him point blank about whether or not he made the call to have Darvany put down, and he looked Nero right in the face and told him no, before embracing him and calling him brother.

Nero tells him that things like this don’t just go away. He says that things like this come back, and when they do, they make you pay.

Finally, they get back down to business. After Tyler and Marcus shake hands, Marcus asks where Marks is. He tells him that he is not coming.

Tyler tells Marcus that he understands that he has some concerns. Jax says that he assured the Mayans that nothing was going to change. Tyler concurs, saying that it is just a different face handling the hardware.

Marcus asks him about Lin. Tyler tells him that as long as he stays in line, he still keeps his territory. Alvarez is still very unsettled about the situation. Jax jumps in and reminds him that the thing with Lin was about the Irish.

Alvarez tells him that he knows what he needs to do, and says that they will take the guns; everyone nods in agreement. Tyler and Alvarez shake hands before separating.

Jax and the rest of the club get on their bikes and ride off. I would have thought that Jax’s years of experience in SAMCRO would have told him to never walk away from a situation until it has reached its conclusion, but that is exactly what he does.

When the Mayans hand over the money for the guns, Marks’ crew realizes that there is nothing but food in the bags. Before they are even able to react, the Mayans take out all of Mark’s guys and make off with the guns. Nero is completely flabbergasted. I honestly believe that he had no idea that things were going to go down this way. Nero is just disgusted by the whole situation and drives off.

This is a classic example of the grass not always being greener on the other side. In the same respects, this has been a resounding theme throughout the entirety of the show.

The Stockton Update

Jax and the crew meet up with Charlie Barosky to let him know what is going on. He asks him to keep his eyes open for Tara. He also tells him about the Mayan setting up house in Stockton. He ensures him that none of this is going to fall back on him, but he wants to give him a heads up on the matter.

Ratboy interrupts their conversation to tell Jax that they may have a lead on Tara. He tells Jax that they trailed the lawyer to a park in Lodai. Rat tells him that the lawyer is just sitting in the car like he is waiting for someone. Rat tells him which park they are sitting at. Jax says that Abel loves that park.

Jax thanks Charlie and heads out to find Tara ad his boys.

After Jax leaves, Charlie tells Tig that he heard it come over the radio about four black guy with Niner ink were gunned down outside of Oakland, and that there were fresh motorcycle tracks heading away from the scene.

It ain’t easy giving up the crown, boys.” Barosky says. “Every peasant and whore is going to be fighting for your jewels.”

Calling to the Carpet

Nero and Alvarez are meeting at a small Taqueria. Nero tells him that what went down wasn’t cool. Alvarez tells him that it is what had to be done. Nero is pretty clear with him that he can’t be a part of this. He tells him that he has business more than with the MC.

Alvarez asks him if he ever thinks about the farm. He tells him that he should pass the business off to Fiasco and retire. He tells him that things like this don’t happen very often.

Alvarez tells him that he is sitting down with Lin tonight. He says that Nero should send Fiasco and let him represent. Alvarez tells Nero that the two of them are good.

The two of them shake hands, but I think we can all tell from the look on Nero’s face that he is not 100% sure what he is getting into here, nor is he sure that this is the future he wants.

A Walk in the Park

Bobby and Juice sit in the van where they think that Tara is heading. When Tara finally pulls in, Juice turns to Bobby and points out that “Mommy Dearest” has arrived. Just to interject here, after everything that Juice has done to betray he club up to this point, is it really in his best interest to be calling out other people for the same?

She gets out of the car and tells Abel that he can go and play. She takes Thomas with her over to the table to meet with her lawyer.

He tells her that the deal is everything that Patterson promised. He says that she will receive full immunity for Pamela Toric. He says the WITSEC is a little complicated, but essentially, if she gives them the bullet that along with her testimony allows them to use RICO against the club. I think she is slightly shaken by the thought of testifying in court.

She tells him where she is staying and that they can pick her up there. She muses that this is the first time that Abel has been happy in a long time. She asks him if she can have a little bit of time. He agrees and says that he will let Patterson know. Just then, the lawyer gets up and walks away.

Getting the Junkie to Rehab

Wayne shows up at the house to take Wendy to her new rehab facility. Gemma and he have a short conversation about the state of things. Unser asks her what will happen if Tara runs. She tells him that Jax will find her and do what needs to be done. Somewhere deep inside, Unser is a little unsettled by this.

After a little more conversation, Gemma kisses him on the cheek. Unser is more than a little surprised. He asks her what that was for. She tells him that she doesn’t know what she would do without him, and that she loves him and hopes he knows that.

Just then, Wendy comes out. She asks if there was any word on Tara. Gemma tells her not to worry about Tara. Wendy says that she doesn’t want to check in until she knows that the boys are safe. Unser tells her that she isn’t of any use to Abel until she gets herself straightened out. Gemma tells her to get well and they will come see her on family day.

Jesus Christ, it’s terrifying. You guys are my family. “Yes we are.” Gemma says as she kisses Wendy goodbye.

She tells Unser not to take any detours, and that she will be at Diosa.

Unser gets her a cup of coffee. Wendy tells her that she does need to stop by her apartment to pick up a few more of her things and to tell her landlady that she is going to be “on vacation”.

The talk a little more about why they are both still in Charming before toasting to “the bitches they hate”.

When Unser asks her if she still loves Jax, she tells him that the two of them should have never been married. She says that they were just good drinking buddies that had some incredible sex. She tells him it was Gemma who was driving the wedding train because she wanted Grandkids.

She tells Unser that Jax had a good heart, and that she is afraid that it is gone.

Finding What Was Lost

As Tara is getting ready to leave the park, Abel comes running towards her. What she doesn’t realize is that he is actually running to his father. When Abel yells Daddy, the look on Tara’s face is priceless. In on split second she knows that everything she has done to betray the club, and everything that she has done to hurt Jax is about to come crashing down on top of her; or at least that is what she thinks.

Abel goes off to play with Bobby, and Jax takes Thomas from her arms and kisses him on the cheek before he tells Tara to sit down. He hands Thomas to Juice and he takes him to play so that Jax and Tara can talk alone.

She asks him what he is going to do. He tells her that he just wants to talk to her. He says that he knows she feels she needs to do this, but he can’t let her. She asks him if he is going to hurt her in front of the kids. He tells her that this is not what he wants. She seems to be under the assumption that this is all there is.

She has clearly lost all faith in Jax and everything that he has been trying to do to move the club into a different direction.

She is shaking and terrified at what is going to come next. She tells him about how she has sacrificed everything for him; her life, her career, everything. She tells him that she has tried to see what he sees and how he sees it, but she can’t. Tara tells him that all she sees is the violence and the lies and how it has changed him.

I’ll go if I have to.” She says. “At least I know I tried to save them from becoming what you are.”

Jax tells her that he never forced his life on her. He says that she is the one that came back to him. He tells her that she is part of what he is, and that she always has been. She tells him that was her mistake. She thought that their love and bond was stronger than his history, but is wasn’t.

She tells him that she knows the turmoil that he is going through. She tells him that she can feel it every day. She asks him if he would condemn his sons to the same torture. She tells him that they will suffer like him.

Tara begs him to let her say goodbye to the boys before he takes them. Jax takes her by the hand and tells her that she doesn’t have to run; all she has to do is be a good mother. He tells her to save their boys.

This whole situation is really quite sad. I honestly believe that if they had this conversation a long time ago, things may be in a very different place than they are right now. Both of them have done their fair share of right and wrong, both of them for what they believed to be the “right reasons”. Unfortunately, if they had just communicated with each other instead of hiding between all the lies in between them, things would be very different right now.

Leaving the Queen Behind

Gemma is waiting on Nero when he walks into his office at Diosa. She asks him if everything is ok because he has been spending a lot of time in the Barrio. He tells her that it has been things with his crew.

He asks her if there has been any word on Tara. She tells him that she is about to head over to Jax’s to finish up some work and wanted to know if he wanted to come with her. He tells her no, and that is has been a complicated day. When she asks him if he wants to talk about it, he quickly shuts her down.

Nero is starting to get really defensive and borderline standoffish. He tells her that he has some things that he needs to work out, and that he needs to be alone for a while.

Before this even escalates, I can tell you that this is not going to go over well. Gemma has never done well with being shut out of things.

The two of them start to argue. When she goes to walk out, he grabs her by the arm. This takes things to a whole new level. He tells her that they should just go, right now; leaving everything behind, just the two of them. He asks her if she would come with him, leaving her son and all of this mess with the club behind. She tells him that he knows she can’t do that.

He tells her that he knows, but that he has to. Gemma is even more upset when she finally comes to the realization of what is going on here. She asks him if he is dumping her. When he doesn’t answer, she turns to walk out the door, but Nero shuts the door from behind her.

She hits him in the stomach, sending him back a few steps. She yells at him to get off of her. She storms out the door, and Nero slams the door to his office behind her. She blows right past the people who would have consoled her and slams the door to Diosa behind her.

I think it is safe to say that this is not going to end well.

The Real Deal

When Patterson and everyone show up to pick Tara up and conduct their business, they see Jax sitting in a chair by the bed. I think for a split second Patterson is worried about how this is all going to go down. Tara tells her that they need to talk to her privately.

Patterson asks that everyone leave and give them a minute. She asks them what this is.

Jax tells her that this is him owning his place. He tells her that he is going to turn himself in as the supplier of the KG-9 in the Matthew Jennings case; him, not his club. In exchange, she drops all charges against Tara. Patterson tells them that she cannot protect her in his absence. Tara tells her that she won’t need it.

Jax tells her that Tara is free to take the boys anywhere she wants.

Patterson asks where the boys are now. He tells her that they are at the ice cream shop now with his guys. He tells her that he is going to go spend some time with them before he turns himself in. He tells her that he will meet her at his house at 6:00 p.m. I don’t know about you, but this time has really not been a good thing for anyone involved thus far.

Tara tells her that this is the only deal.

She asks Tara if she is sure that this is what she wants. Tara assures her that it is and tells Patterson that she has called her lawyer, and he is putting it together.

Before she leaves, she tells them that if they back out of this that their deals are dead.

After Patterson leaves, Jax and Tara share a pretty intense moment. Tara thanks him for what he is doing. He tells her that he loves her.

The two of them stare into each other’s’ eyes. She rises from her seat and tells him that she loves him as well. The two of them share a passionate kiss before what we are led to believe is a passionate love making session.

Breaking the News

Jax calls Bobby and Chibs to the table to discuss what is about to go down. They try to convince him that there must be another way. Jax assures them that there is not. He believes that this may be what was supposed to happen all along.

Jax tells them that he is being charged with possession and conspiracy. They are concerned that with his probation violation and priors that they are going to hang him. Jax tells them that surrendering buys him a little bit of room. He says that Tara’s lawyer thinks that they will settle for 25 with the possibility of parole in 7 if he is lucky. Jax assures them that he is good with it. This not only spares Tara, but allows him to continue to watch as his boys grow.

Jax tells them that they have the club in a good place. Bobby tells Jax that he should tell the rest of the club. Jax passes the gavel to Bobby and tells him that he should be the one to tell the rest of the club. Bobby tells him flat out that he doesn’t want it. Jax says that he is always the one saying what is best for the club. Jax says that Bobby leading is best, and with Chibs next to his side, they can get everything back on track and the club will survive.

Bobby and Chibs agree.

Before they walk away, Jax tells the two of them that he was wrong about Juice and that he can’t be trusted. When Bobby asks why, Jax tells Chibs to bring Bobby up to speed.

Jax tells them that he is going to go be with his boys. Chibs says that they will look after his family. Jax tells them to support whatever Tara wants. Jax tells the both of them that he loves them, and exits the conversation.

The Bad (Yet Incorrect) News

Gemma is back at her house pining over what just went down with Nero. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. After a few knocks and her not answering, Wayne walks in.

He asks her if she is ok. He says that he has been calling her. She asks him if he dropped off Wendy. He tells her that he has.

Wayne asks her if she has talked to Jax. She tells him no.

Unser says that he got a call from Tara’s lawyer looking to pull arrest records from Charming. She tells Gemma that they are arresting Jax, and that Tara made a deal.

I think it is this moment right here that shapes the remainder of the episode. Gemma has already lost one of the two things in her life that truly make her happy, now she is staring into the eyes of the prospect of losing the second at the exact same time. This is just too much for one person to bear.

When she tries to “head to work” she is stopped by Unser. He tells her that she is in no condition to drive and that he should take her. She tells him that she is fine. He tells her that the last time he allowed her to drive in this condition, it didn’t exactly end well. She tells him that it doesn’t matter anyway because she is never going to see her Grandsons again.

She sits down at the table. She tells him that she is feeling rally lightheaded, and asks him to get her pills from her bathroom. He tells her to relax and goes to get them for her.

Oh, Wayne…you should know by now to never leave Gemma alone in a situation like this. Just as one could assume, while Wayne is in the bathroom, she takes his keys, heads out the door, and takes his truck. The only question now is what Gemma is willing to do to stop this from happening.

Coming to an End

Back at the ice cream shop, Jax is sitting at the counter playing with his boys. Brooke comes and gives him a kiss on the cheek before she leaves. She thanks him for everything he has done for her; giving her another chance, allowing her the opportunity to work at the shop, etc.

As she is walking out the door, Unser comes walking in. He tells Jax that he knows some of what is happening. He tells him that someone needs to fill his mother in. Jax says that he has been trying to find her. Unser says that she was at the house and was in pretty bad shape. He tells Jax that she took his truck. Juice volunteers to go and find her. Jax agrees.

Jax hands Thomas to Chibs and follows Juice out the door. Juice tells him that he is going to miss him. As the embrace, Jax tells him that he knows that he betrayed him. All of a sudden, I think Juice is assured what he said to Nero. In the back of his mind, he knows exactly what is going to happen, he just doesn’t know when or how.

The Bitter…and Bloody End

Eli takes Tara to the house to get everything situated before they put their plan into action. They see Wayne’s truck sitting in the front yard. Eli tells her that he is glad that this turns out this way. He says that he understands this is a sad day for her family, but this is the right thing.

Tara unlocks the door and walks inside. She calls out for Wayne, but doesn’t get an answer. She assumes that he is off helping Jax. Eli tells her that he is going to go wait outside for Patterson to arrive. Tara thanks him.

Tara turns around, taking a look at everything in her home. For one moment in time, throughout all the drama, the heartache, and the pain, Tara is truly happy. The smile on her face is irrefutable.

That comes to quite the abrupt end when Gemma walks in the door. The two of them stare into each other’s eyes. Before either one of them really knows what is going on, Gemma attacks her. Tara tries to run for the door, but Gemma catches her.

Gemma rails Tara in the gut with the iron. Tara falls backwards, ramming Gemma into the sink. Gemma punches Tara in the face multiple times before ramming her face into the kitchen counter. Gemma sees the sink full of water and decides to plunge Tara’s head into it. Tara is struggling to get away, struggling to find her next breath. Gemma sees a meat fork sitting in the drying rack.

Without any hesitation, she picks up the fork and rams it into the back of Tara’s skull. In a blind rage, she just keeps on stabbing her. The blood is now gushing out of the back of Tara’s skull. When she finally stops moving, Gemma stops and takes a look at what she has done.

Outside, Juice has just arrived at the house. Roosevelt approaches him. Juice tells him that he is looking for Gemma. Roosevelt tells him that she is not here. Juice tells him that she took Unser’s truck. Suddenly, they hear a crash come from inside the house.

Roosevelt runs inside to see what happened. He sees Tara lying in a bloody heap on the floor, broken dishes everywhere, and Gemma sitting on the floor crying. Roosevelt rushes to Tara’s side to see if she is still alive. Gemma tells him that it had to be done. Gemma tells him that she did this by making a deal.

Roosevelt tells her that Tara didn’t rat. He says that Jax gave himself up to keep her safe. The look on Gemma’s face is one of someone who is completely lost in this world. As Roosevelt takes his radio in his hand to call in Tara’s murder, shots ring out.

Juice shoots Eli multiple times, sending him to the ground in a bloody mess right next to Tara. Gemma is losing it right now. The scary part is that Juice looks like he has everything under control. He looks around at the carnage that lies before him. I am not sure that he fully believes in what he just did, but I think he knew that it was what had to be done, not only for the good of the club, but to save his own skin.

He offers Gemma his hand and helps her to her feet. At this point, Gemma is shaking. She hugs Juice and begins to sob uncontrollably.

Saying Goodbye is the Hardest Part

Jax is getting ready to hold up his end of the bargain and turn himself in.

First he says goodbye to Abel and Thomas. He hands Thomas to Chibs and tells him that Tara will come and pick the boys up once everything is done.

Rat tells Jax to take care of himself. Happy, who rarely ever shows emotion has tears in his eyes when he embraces Jax, and tells him that he loves him. Jax tells Tig that they are all good. Everything in the past is behind them now. Bobby and Jax share a long embrace. I think that Bobby has always kind of looked at Jax as his own son, and he is devastated by what is about to go down. The last person that Jax approaches before he leaves is Chibs. He tells him that he loves him and embraces him as a brother one last time. The tears are streaming down Chibs’ face as he tells Jax that he’ll be ok.

As he wipes the tears from his eyes, it is time for him to depart. He pats Abel on the head one last time as he walks away from everything that he has ever known. The ride back to the house is a somber one; a short amount of time for him to reflect privately on everything that has happened.

Gemma takes Unser’s truck back to him. He can tell by the look on her face that something very bad has happened. She is an absolute mess as she walks over to Unser and puts her arms around him.

Elsewhere, we see the meeting between the Mayans and the Chinese. Not only does Fiasco walk in, but Nero walks in behind him. I think that now that Gemma is out of his life, he is going to revert back to his OG ways. This is not something that is going to bode well for him.

Back at her house, Wayne helps Gemma inside. She is lying across his lap and he is stroking her hair gently. This man has gone through so much over the years simply because of his love for Gemma. I think Unser will continue this path until he draws his final breath.

At the same time, Juice is on his path to redemption. In his hands, he has a bag. This bad contains almost all the evidence from what went down at the house. He opens the dumpster and starts to rummage through the bag. He drops in a few pieces of cloth that were stained with evidence followed by the bloody iron that Gemma hit Tara with. He moves to another dumpster to dispose of the gun and the rest of the evidence, including the fork that Gemma used to kill Tara. Before tossing it in, he beaks the tongs off of it making it more difficult for someone to piece the evidence together should they ever find it.

He closes the lid to the dumpster, gets on his bike, and rides away.

Before the scene cuts out, we see the homeless lady pushing a baby carriage. She seems to be playing with a child. Could this be another piece of foreshadowing?

Finally, the darkest of all moments is upon us.

Jax walks into his house for what he believes is the last time. He calls out for Tara as he takes off his jacket and his kutte. At this moment in time, all things SAMCRO related are out the window. This is simply about the love between a man and his family.

He hangs his jacket and turns for the kitchen to see a pair of bloody feet on the ground. He draws his gun and walks inside. Jax can’t believe what he is witnessing.

He slowly approaches the body, his heart breaking with every step. He drops his gun and puts his hands on his head. I think he is asking himself at this moment if this happened because of him. Could he have done something that would have taken them down another path and Tara would still be alive?

Absolutely sobbing, he gets down on the ground and takes Tara into his arms. The way that her body is positioned in his arms looks like she is holding his arm for protection. He cradles her face gently. His entire body is shaking. He kisses her one final time as if to say goodbye to her.

Just then, Patterson walks in the door. She takes a look at all the carnage in the room. Of course, the first thing she sees is Jax’s gun on the floor. You can tell by the look in her eyes what he next move is going to be. I am willing to bet that her very next move is to have Jax arrested and booked on the murder of his wife and Sheriff Roosevelt.

Right now, Jax doesn’t care about any of this. The only thing that he can think about is that the mother of his children is laying in his arms in a bloody mess and he will never hear the sound of her voice ever again. He screams into the air and continues to cry.

There are so many things that are left unanswered for fans going into the next season. However, this is what keeps Sons fans coming back for more.

Will Jax be the one to hang for the murder of his wife? What will happen to Abel and Thomas now that Tara is gone? If Jax is blamed for all of this, will Gemma step up to spare Jax the pain of being blamed for a crime that he didn’t commit? What happens to the rest of the club now that there is no “deal” in place? Will Nero really revert to his OG ways, especially in light of what just happened with Gemma? How will this bode for him with the MC? Is there an all-out war brewing between the Mayans, the Chinese, and the Niners? How do the Irish fit into all of this? And most importantly, will SAMCRO ever be able to shift into legitimate business now that all of their plans have gone up in smoke? Will the club even survive?

Knowing the genius of Kurt Sutter as most of us have come to, I am sure that all these questions will be answered when Sons of Anarchy returns for Season 7. I am sure that he will present us with a whole new set of questions at that point.

Until then, we are all left to speculate and theory craft on what is next for the good, and bad, people of Charming.

Sons of Anarchy will return in 2014 for Season 7.

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