Aug 24, 2012; Aspen, CO, USA; San Francisco Giants former player Barry Bonds in attendance during stage 4 of the USA Pro Challenge from Aspen to Beaver Creek. Mandatory Credit: Ford McClave-USA TODAY Sports

Jeopardy uses asterisk to take shot at Barry Bonds (Video)

While many San Francisco Giants fans hold a special place in their sports heart for Barry Bonds, the vast majority of non-San Francisco based fans loathe the 14-time All-Star and 7-time MVP.

That apparently includes whomever writes questions at Jeopardy, as the long-running game show decided to take a shot at the ‘All-time home run leader’.

Producers of the near fifty year old television program are known to take small jabs at both celebrities and athletes, Bonds being no different as the question posed in ‘Pop Culture’ asked who was the father of baseball star, Barry Bonds.

Nothing wrong with that, right? Well – it was how the show actually phrased the question, which looked like this:

He fathered baseball * Barry Bonds

Burn? I guess, if you want to go by definition. Though, I imagine some dude sitting in a cubicle unable to stop giggling at himself when he thought of replacing ‘star’ with the asterisk logo, which seems to take some of the hilariousness out of it.

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